College: 7-2-1

SECTION 2. Backward Pass and Fumble

During Live Ball

ARTICLE 1. A ball carrier may hand or pass the ball backward at any time, except to throw the ball intentionally out of bounds to conserve time.

PENALTY—Five yards from the spot of the foul; also loss of down if by Team A before team possession changes during a scrimmage down [S35 and S9].

Approved Ruling 3-4-3 III. A ball carrier, late in the second period, throws a backward pass out of bounds from behind or beyond the neutral zone to conserve time. RULING: Penalty—Five yards from the spot of the foul and loss of down. The clock starts on the ready-for-play signal. Note: If there is less than one minute remaining in the half, this foul comes under the 10-second runoff rule (Rule 3-4-4).