College: 7-2-4c

SECTION 2. Backward Pass and Fumble

Out of Bounds


c. Behind or Beyond Goal Line. When a fumble or backward pass goes out of bounds behind or beyond a goal line, it is a safety or touchback depending on impetus and responsibility (Rules 8-5-1, 8-6-1 and 8-7).

Approved Ruling 7-2-4 I. B20 intercepts a legal forward pass (a) in his end zone, (b) on his three-yard line, and his momentum carries him into his end zone, or (c) in the field of play and retreats into his end zone (no momentum). In each instance, B20 fumbles in the end zone and the ball rolls forward and out of bounds on Team B’s two-yard line. RULING: The ball belongs to Team B at the spot of the fumble (Team B’s end zone); (a) touchback, (b) Team B’s ball at the three-yard line, and (c) safety (Rules 8-5-1 and 8-6-1).

Approved Ruling 7-2-4 II. On second down, A1 fumbles the ball, which strikes the ground and bounces high in the air. B2 receives the ball while off the ground and returns to the ground out of bounds (a) in advance of the spot of the fumble or (b) behind the spot of the fumble. RULING: (a) Team A’s ball at the spot of the fumble. (b) Team A’s ball at the spot where the ball crossed the sideline (Rules 4-2-4d and 7-2-4).

Approved Ruling 8-6-1 I. Team A’s fumble strikes the pylon at the intersection of Team B’s goal line and sideline. RULING: Touchback. Team B’s ball at the 20-yard line (Rules 7-2-4c and 4-2-3b).

Approved Ruling 8-7-2 I. Ball carrier A1, advancing toward Team B’s goal line, fumbles when B1 bats the ball from his hand or tackles him from the rear. In either case, A1 loses possession short of the goal line, and the ball goes into Team B’s end zone, where Team B recovers. RULING: Touchback. Impetus is charged to the fumble by Team A (Rule 8-6-1a).