College: 7-3-3

SECTION 3. Forward Pass

Eligibility To Touch Legal Forward Pass


a. Eligibility rules apply during a down when a legal forward pass is thrown.

b. All Team B players are eligible to touch or catch a pass.

c. When the ball is snapped, the following Team A players are eligible:

1. Each lineman who is on the end of their scrimmage line and who is wearing a number other than 50 through 79.

2. Each back wearing a number other than 50 through 79.

d. An eligible player loses their eligibility when the player goes out of bounds. (Rule 7-3-4)

Approved Ruling 7-3-9 III. Running a pattern near the sideline, end A88 touches the sideline just before a defender jumps into him and bats the ball to the ground. RULING: Not defensive pass interference. A88 became ineligible when he stepped out of bounds. (Rule 7-3-3)