College: 8-3-2d-5

SECTION 3. Try Down 

Opportunity to Score

ARTICLE 2. A try is an opportunity for either team to score one or two points while the game clock is stopped after a touchdown or in the third or subsequent extra period(s). It is a special interval in the game which, for purposes of penalty enforcement only, includes both a down and the “ready’’ period that precedes it.

d. The try ends when:

5. Before a change of team possession, a Team A player fumbles and the ball is caught or recovered by any Team A player other than the fumbler. There is no Team A score.

Approved Ruling 8-3-2 VIII. On a try attempt, A1 muffs the hand-to-hand snap from the snapper. A2 recovers the ball and carries it into Team B’s end zone. RULING: Award Team A two points (Rule 2-11-2).

Approved Ruling 8-3-2 IX. On a one-point try attempt, Team A’s kick is blocked and B75 recovers at the two-yard line. B75 then fumbles and the ball rolls into the end zone, where B61 recovers while grounded. RULING: Safety. Award Team A one point (Rule 8-1-1).