College: 8-3-4b

SECTION 3. Try Down 

Fouls During a Try After a Change of Team Possession


b. A score by a team committing a foul during the down is canceled. (Exception: Live-ball foul treated as a dead-ball foul.) 

Approved Ruling 8-3-2 VII. On a try attempt, B1 intercepts Team A’s legal forward pass in his end zone. He runs the ball across Team A’s goal line, and (a) there are no fouls during the run, (b) B3 clips during the run or (c) A2 fouls during the run. RULING: (a) Award Team B two points. (b) No score, the try is ended, and the penalty is declined by rule. (c) Award Team B two points, and the penalty is declined by rule (Rules 8-3-1 and 8-3-4a and 8-3-4b).