College: 9-1-16c

SECTION 1. Personal Fouls

Roughing or Running Into Kicker or Holder


c. The kicker of a free kick may not be blocked until they have advanced five yards beyond their restraining line, or until the ball has touched a player, an official or the ground.

PENALTY—15 yards from the previous spot [S40].

Approved Ruling 9-1-16 VII. Punter A22 is 15 yards behind the neutral zone when he catches the long snap, sprints to his right at an angle toward the line of scrimmage, and runs outside the tackle box. He then stops and punts the ball, and (a) is immediately hit by a diving B89; or (b) is immediately hit by B89, and B89 is guilty of targeting. RULING: (a) Legal play, no foul by B89. A22 loses his roughing or running-into protection by carrying the ball outside the tackle box. (b) Even though the kicker is outside the tackle box, targeting is a personal foul and the penalty will be enforced at the previous spot.