College: 9-1-7

SECTION 1. Personal Fouls

Late Hit, Action Out of Bounds


a. There shall be no piling on, falling on or throwing the body on an opponent after the ball becomes dead.

Approved Ruling 9-1-7 I. After the ball is dead, a player throws himself onto an opponent lying on the ground. RULING: Personal foul. Penalty—15 yards from the succeeding spot and first down if by a Team B player and not in conflict with other rules. “Piling on’’ applies to a ball carrier or to any other opponent who is prostrate when the ball becomes dead.

Approved Ruling 9-1-7 II. On a sweep play toward the sideline, linebacker B55 goes out of bounds to avoid a block. Guard A66 is leading the play, and just as he steps on the sideline with his front foot he drives his shoulder in the waist at the front of B55 who is still out of bounds. RULING: Legal block. A66 does not have both feet out of bounds.

b. No opponent shall tackle or block the runner when the runner is clearly out of bounds or throw the runner to the ground after the ball becomes dead.

c. It is illegal for any player to be clearly out of bounds when initiating a block against an opponent who is out of bounds. The spot of the foul is where the blocker crosses the sideline in going out of bounds.