College: 9-2-2f

SECTION 2. Unsportsmanlike Conduct Fouls

Unfair Tactics


f. No player may play with cleats more than 1/2-inch in length (Rules 1-4-7d).

PENALTY—Ejection for the remainder of the game and the team’s next game [S27 and S47]. Administer as a dead-ball foul; 15-yard penalty enforced at the succeeding spot. Automatic first down for fouls by Team B if not in conflict with other rules. Team timeout. VIOLATION—Rules 3-3-6 and 3-4-2b [S23, S3 or S23, S21]. If the ejection occurs during the last game of a season, players with eligibility remaining will serve the next-game ejection during the first game of the next season for which they are eligible.