College: 9-4-4

SECTION 4. Batting and Kicking

Illegally Kicking Ball

ARTICLE 4. A player shall not kick a loose ball, a forward pass or a ball being held for a place kick by an opponent. These illegal acts do not change the status of the loose ball or forward pass; but if the player holding the ball for a place kick loses possession during a scrimmage down, it is a fumble and a loose ball; if during a free kick, the ball remains dead.

Approved Ruling 8-7-2 IV. Team A free kicks from its 35-yard line. The ball is rolling on the ground on Team B’s three-yard line when B10 kicks the ball into the end zone and over the end line. RULING: Safety, due to the new impetus by B10. Team B foul for illegally kicking the ball. If the penalty (10 yards) is accepted, the down is repeated with the free kick at the A-45. (Rules 9-4-4 and 10-2-2d-4)

Approved Ruling 9-4-1 XI. Team A is prepared to kick off. The ball is on the tee and the referee has signaled it ready for play. As the kicker approaches the ball it begins to roll off the tee just as he starts his kicking motion. The kicker follows through and kicks the ball as it continues to roll off or near the tee. RULING: No foul. This is not a violation of either 9-4-4 or 9-2-1a-2a. The officials should stop play and have the teams line up for a new kickoff. If weather conditions dictate, Team A should have a player hold the ball on the tee.

PENALTY—10 yards, plus loss of down for fouls by Team A if the loss of down is not in conflict with other rules [S31 and S9] (Exception: No loss of down if the foul occurs when a legal scrimmage kick is beyond the neutral zone).

Approved Ruling 9-4-4 I. Fourth and eight at the A-48. From a scrimmage kick formation, A32 punts the ball to the B-7 where it hits B25 on the leg. As the ball rolls along the ground, B25 then kicks it at the B-4 to prevent Team A from recovering. The ball bounces into Team B’s end zone and over the end line. RULING: The result of the play is a safety, as B25’s kicking the ball provides new impetus. Foul by B25 for illegally kicking the ball. Team A may decline the penalty and take the two points, or accept the penalty. The foul by B25 is governed by post-scrimmage kick rules, so the accepted penalty would give Team B the ball at the B-2, first down and 10. (Rules 8-5-1a and 8-7-2b)