Information Update 2/12/21

Notes Feb 12 2021

Attached are 3 slides reviewing the Double Foul – Clean Hands Concept. 
We do need to talk about Post Scrimmage Kick next week.  PSK has a little different slant on the Clean Hands enforcements.
Plus I’m offering you a play that was proposed by Mike Downing which emphasizes that Unsportsmanlike and Non-Player fouls are live ball fouls enforced as dead ball fouls – thus are never considered when determining Clean Hands.  Clean Hands (Double Fouls) are only for live ball fouls enforced as live ball fouls….so keep unsportsmanlike fouls out of the equation…consider them after you enforce all live ball fouls.  Here it is:
During a 3rd down pass play,  A12 shouts profanity at B24, and B24 spits on A12.  The covering official throws his flag for both acts.  The pass is then intercepted by B56 and he is downed at the B 20-yard line.
Ruling:  Even though B24 fouled prior to the change of possession, it is for an unsportsmanlike foul which is enforced as a dead ball foul, thus not considered part of a double foul or not-clean hands.  B has gained and will retain possession.  1st and 10 at the B 20-yard line.  Then the distance penalties for the two UNS fouls cancel.  Spitting may be considered a flagrant foul and disqualification of B24 must be considered.

Information Update 2 12 21
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