Information Update 5/24/21

SDCFOA Information Update- Fitness Begins NOW!

Health and Fitness – This is the main goal of our crew chiefs this year.  20 of the 36 have physical conditioning as a high priority goal.  This is most likely a high priority goal of the vast majority of our Association.  Well, how do we achieve our goal.
1 – Nutrition – Plan your diet based upon current research and stick to it.  You can’t lose weight in a healthy manner by starving yourself, but you can manage your caloric intake.  Sugar – bad.  Unprocessed foods – good!  Do a little research, and find a daily volume of calories that will allow you to maintain, or gradually lose weight.
2 – Cardiovascular Endurance – This can be 15-20 minutes per session if done in partnership with your nutritional plan.  You can’t run/bike/spin yourself to fitness.  It’s just one piece of the plan.
3 – Strength and Muscular Endurance – Light weights, kettlebells, or just body weight.  5 basic movements are: pushing, pulling, carrying, squatting, and hinging.  Keep the weight light and the reps up.
4 – Flexibility – Stretching your legs and back are essential.
How much time does this all take?  Nutrition…none.  Cardio…15-20 min.  Stretching & Strength…another 15-20 min.  30-40 minutes total.  I’m clearly advocating for a modification of the endurance component as many of us got into a pattern of long endurance training, and lost the importance of the other 3 areas.   We get into a bad habit of trying to “earn our bad eating habits” with miles and miles of exercise.  Modifying our eating habits will greatly reshape our fitness routine into a more modest and consistent effort.
Rules Question – This situation actually occurred in a game I was observing during the mini-2020 season.  The umpire was going to the correct spot, the coach complained and the referee directed the umpire to place the ball in the wrong spot.  Let’s know this rule!
Kl 's untouched free kick goes out of bounds. Team R chooses to take the ball at the out-of-bounds spot and requests that the ball be spotted in the middle of the field.  RULING: The request is denied. (4-3-1)

Information Update 5 24 21
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