Information Update 6/22/21

SDCFOA Information - New Website Released! 6/22/21

Dear SDCFOA Members, your website has been updated. Here is a brief list of the updates and additions to our already excellent website.  Please visit at

- The site includes a search button. It can search 80% of the documents. You can also search by name.

- Photo Gallery page has been added. There is over 1500 photos uploaded. You can e-mail me any photos you wish to have uploaded. If there is more than one official in the photo, please include all names. If it is a crew photo, please include the year. If it is a final crew photo include the year and division worked. There are some officials that I could not identify. If you know who they are let me know so I can put a name to the face. I have reached out to others that have photos. They will be sending them sometime soon.

- History page has been added. There are documents from 1968 to present that have been posted. All available information has been posted. Hopefully, we can fill the years that are missing.

- Officials News page has been added. We hope to document more news. We will be sending out a survey to the members regarding the cancellation of the 2020 season, the spring season and chain crews. There are future stories being considered from the past. I am currently looking into reprinted the officials that worked the game in Cuba. I have to get permission.

If you see any errors, please let me know. I will correct them. At least 7 members reviewed the site. I know there is additional errors. I reviewed the site after it was published and notice 2 big ones.
If you have any suggestions for the website let me know.

Dave Garza

Information Update 6 22 21
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