Weekly Bull 11/17/21

Make Up Meeting in 2021 – As I do the final report to the board in March of everyone’s attendance and test scores, I will contact anyone who shows up as needing more meetings or to take a test.  In doing that, I will work with individuals who are coming up “just short” and provide another opportunity to meet the requirements.  Sorry for any inconvenience and if you don’t hear from me between now and February, consider your attendance and testing completed.
7-Man Mechanics Meeting – Tonight is the 7-Man Mechanics Workshop for all officials who are working a 7-man semifinal and/or final.  Only on-field officials need to attend, not the chain crew or the timers.  Print out the 7-Man Mechanics Manual from out website and bring it with you.  We will all be meeting at Mira Mesa High School at 7:00 pm in the school Library located just inside the quad off the front parking lot…very near the Theatre.  Tonight's agenda:
Wednesday evening 11/17 at 7:00 pm at Mira Mesa High School in the school library. 
7:00 - 7:15 Welcome and Introductions - Steve Coover
7:15 - 7:30 Game Information from the CIF Production Meeting - Tom Ables 
7:30 - 8:30 Transition to Rooms & Break Out Sessions
Referees – Library with Steve Coover
Umpires - B41 with Mike Weseloh
LOS - B40 with Steve Hoslett
Deep Flanks - B39 with Joe Greene
Back Judges - B38 with Don Carey
Open Division Finals (Saturday Night) – 7:00 pm at Escondido High School.  We will have a meeting room at the south end of the stadium in the endzone.  Parking is $5 and only available on-line.  The discount on-line ticket information is listed below for the first forty (40) who purchase!  Please, join us as we cheer on the following crew!
Referee – Brian Bortness
Umpire – Scott Carroll
HL – Tony Shaw
LJ – John Isham
SJ – Tyler Lindsay
FJ – Ted Schiess
BJ – Joe Magnuson
Volunteers Needed – If you are going to any of the finals, would you be willing to volunteer to help man a SDCFOA pop-up info booth as we attempt to recruit new members before, during and after the game?  Please contact Gary Gittelson directly.  (760) 213-8868.
Discount Tickets Link - You must set up a GOFAN account when you go to purchase the tickets and parking pass.  They are not accepting any passes and are not selling any tickets at the stadium.  They setup separate private links for the officials to attend the Football Championships.  Don’t forget to purchase your parking pass.  These are limited to 40 tickets for each game and cost $10 each.  Here are the links:
Open Division, 11/20 @ 7PM
Division 4, 11/26 @ 1PM
Division 2, 11/26 @ 7PM
Division 5, 11/26 @ 7PM (Grossmont High School)
Division 3, 11/27 @ 1PM
Division 1, 11/27 @ 7PM
Rick Christensen  – Rick suffered at least two minor strokes (Transient Ischemic Attacks (TIAs), one which happened last Friday.  Thankfully Rick is home and healthy with a few limitations and some new medications.  His son, Jimmy, jumped in and took Rick’s place at the last second, and Rick is scheduled to work the Helix vs El Camino game this Friday.  Go Rick!
Bob Hood – No new info to report on his recovery but he continues to gain strength and improved health.
NCAA Division III Playoff Game for SDCFOA Officials – Congratulations to Garrett Haislip and Jacob Wittler as they head to Texas for a first round NCAA playoff game between Mary Hardin Baylor and Trinity University.  Congratulations gentlemen!

Weekly Bull 11 17 21
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