Weekly Bull 2/23/21

Reminder – General Session Zoom Meeting tomorrow night, Tuesday 2/23 at 7:00 pm to discuss the 2020 Season which is scheduled to start March 12th (in less than 3 weeks).  All officials need to attend this meeting:

2020 Season – If the Case Rate for San Diego falls to 14:100,000 then we’ll have a season starting March 12th.  The updated Case Rate will be posted tomorrow/Tuesday prior to our meeting so we will know our status when we meet.
Are We Safe?  Are We Protected? – Our answer to both questions is YES.  We’ve reached out to NASO and received two excellent documents with detailed responses.  Both documents are attached.  The NFL has done extensive testing of contest participants and none have been discovered having contracted the virus via game participation.  BUT, we must be alert and safe in our behaviors at all times.  Wear your mask/gator, social distance, bring hand sanitizer…you know the drill.   
2020 Game Schedule - The coaches have decided to have a 5-game schedule for all schools starting on Friday March 19th with the option of having a 6th game on Friday March 12th.  All teams will be active on the 12th, either having a scrimmage or a regular game.  Stay tuned…but everyone will be on the field the 12th.  The conferences and coaches are currently creating new schedules and putting them into Arbiter…OMG
New Meeting Schedule – I will be publishing a new meeting schedule for this mini-season.  Once we are given the new Case Rate numbers, and we’re below 14, then I will send out to the Association and share at tomorrow’s Zoom meeting.
BBW Rules are the Same – As you know there was a rule change for 2021 season for legal BBW.  This rule change does NOT apply to this season.  Our BBW rules are the same as in the past with the largest issues revolving around BBW while a QB is in shotgun….remember???
Officiating Fees –
VAR Referee = $83 
VAR Others = $81 
JV/Fr Referee = $71
JV/Fr Other = $70
Assignments from Tom – As you can imagine, Tom will be struggling to get game schedules from coaches.  There may also be changes, errors, cancelations, etc.  Please understand and be patient with him as he will be getting you assignments as soon as he can publish.
Update Your Availability NOW – Now is the time to update your availability from March 12 thru April 17th.
Guidelines, Screening, and Informed Consent – As always, please be polite and professional when interacting with school officials.  There most likely will be Covid screening at schools, maybe temperatures taken, different game-day protocols, and even forms for obtaining your informed consent.  These will quickly become routine, but remember, the schools have never done any of this before either!
Help from the NCAA – It is possible that we will be assigning every single qualified official to work games.  If we run out of officials, several NCAA officials have offered to come back and help out.  Remember, they will not be taking away any assignments from our HS officials, only if we are absolutely short of officials.
Instructional Program Survey Results & 2021 Season – Thank you for participating in the on-line survey.  We got a very strong response and will be sharing those results with the Board as we evaluate our instructional program and implement changes for the 2021 season.
Food for Thought – More on Fouls on Scoring Plays: 
Carry over fouls on successful FG = Succeeding Spot (would include overtime)
Carry over fouls on touchdowns = Succeeding Kickoff (would NOT include overtime/no kickoff)
#1) Fourth and eight from the R-28. While a successful field goal attempt is in flight, R46 grasps and twists K23's face mask at the R-16. Time expires in the game and the successful FG ties the score.
RULING: Team K may have the penalty enforced from the previous spot which would result in first and ten from the R-14. They may also accept the three points and have the penalty enforced from the succeeding spot which would be the start of overtime.
#2) During A20's touchdown run, B41 holds. Before the try while the ball is dead, A62 commits a personal foul.
RULING: The score stands. Either foul may carry over to the succeeding kickoff, but not overtime.  If Either team commits a UNS/Non-Player foul during a touchdown scoring play, or after the TD but before the ready-for-play either team commits any foul for which the basic spot is the succeeding spot the foul could be enforced on the succeeding kickoff, but not overtime.

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