2/4/21 Weekly Bull

SDCFOA Youth Football Fund
I'm sure you heard about the tragic death of Coach Fierro from Cathedral Catholic HS.  Many of us knew him from our football or track and field officiating.  He was an awesome coach and mentor to the players on the team, as well as to his students in general.  He was truly a role model to his students and all who came into contact with him on and off campus.  He was an absolutely awesome person who always had time for you, and always had a smile on his face.  You can see the affect he had on others by the out pouring of support for Coach Fierro, on campus, at his parish, and in the community in general with all the news coverage.  He cannot be replaced and will truly be missed by many, and many more will not have the opportunity to learn from him as my boys and family were able to.

The San Diego County Football Officials Charity Fund has donated $1,000 to a memorial scholarship set up in his name for future CCHS students who may need help financially.  We want you to know how your past contributions are being used to assist the football community in many ways, and continue to make a difference in San Diego County.  Not just for our members, but also to assist the community when tragedies like this occur.  The committee wants to thank you for your previous contributions.  
We did not have a fund raiser this year, so if anyone would like to donate to our fund, you can go to sdyouthfootballfund.org.  You can also donate directly to Coach Fierro's scholarship fund at www.ccfsd.org.    
Thanks! Mike Downing and Jake Minger, Co-Chairs
Governor Newsome Press Conference
Please take 2 minutes to listen to the Governor’s press conference yesterday where he states that he is very, very hopeful that a compromise can be worked out so that we can have a football season this school year.  The data trend continues to be quite positive so we may hear something as soon as next week. 

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