Weekly Bull 3/1/21

Crew Chief Meeting - This Wednesday March 3rd 6:00 PM 
Crew Instructional Meetings — Crews will hold a meeting this week to discuss this Bull and go over the Instructional Video and Calibration. Most crews will be meeting immediately after the Crew Chief Meeting on March 3rd starting at 7:00 pm. Check with your crew chief.
Kevin Haws on Fox 5 Sports – Great job by our president, Kevin Haws, as he reports on our preparation and the start of the high school football season.  Watch here:
Don Inkster Update —In case you haven't heard, Don went in for an unexpected triple by-pass heart surgery on Thursday. I'm pleased to report that Don is doing well and we will let you know when he is able to receive calls and/or visitors.
2020 Season —If the Case Rate for San Diego is currently 15 per 100,000. We need it to drop to 14 tomorrow for us to have a season as planned. Predictions are for the rate to fall well below 14, even as low as 7 which would eliminate the need for schools to do testing each week Note, once we get to 14 or below, then we play even if the Case Rate goes back up.
2020 Game Schedules - The coaches are putting their new schedules into Arbiter. We are making excellent progress and will have week #1 game/scrimmage assignments asap. Update from Tom Ables at our meeting.
Are We Safe? Are We Protected? — Our answer to both questions is YES. According to NASO, our regular liability insurance protects us. We should continue to be alert and safe in our behaviors at all times. Wear your mask/gator, social distance, bring hand sanitizer…you know the drill.
Game Day Protocols — Crews should pre-game during the week prior to arriving at the school site. Crews should also contact the head coach or athletic director to obtain logistics and requirements for that particular school or district.

  • Crew representative contacts school (AD preferably) and receives logistics & school requirements.

    Schools may have strict “no fans” restrictions.  No guests, no crew family members.  Get info from AD.

    Arrive at school in uniform and “masked up"

    Go directly to the field to meet your crew 45 minutes before game time.

    Obtain and sign required documents (vouchers, informed consent forms, COVID screening questions, take your temperature, etc.)

    We are not aware of any school or district release forms. Just, maybe, informed consent meaning, you know what you're doing!

    Stay masked up at all times and social distance throughout the warm up period

    Bring your own water bottles, towels and nutrition

    Use regular whistles with your gator/mask (although electronic whistles are allowed)

    Team box is 10 yardline to 10 yardline for players and coaches (marked with chalk or cones?)

    Emphasize the need to keep the restricted area cleared during live ball and coaches and non-players wearing their masks.

    Coin toss will be limited to one captain from each team. No handshakes. Social Distance.

    Conduct halftime conference and checklist somewhere in the stadium away from all others

    Complete game and go to the parking lot in a group.

    Post-game may be saved for mid-week or find a safe way for you to meet and debrief other than going to a restaurant indoors. Sorry Bully's! 

Officiating Fees —
VAR Referee = $83
VAR Others = $81
JV/Fr Referee = $71
JV/Fr Other = $70

Next Meeting — Our next meeting, after this Wednesday's meeting, will be Wednesday, March 17th. We will spend most of the time exchanging experiences (the good, the bad, and the ugly!) so we can be best prepared for Games on Week #2.
Food for Thought — Remember we have two new rules from 2020 that we have not had an opportunity to offciate: 

  1. No defensive player shall use disconcerting acts or words prior to the snap in an attempt to interfere with A's signals or movements. The foul is reported and announced "Disconcerting Act on the Defense #88" 5-yard penalty (Signals S7 & 23).
  2. It is now legal for any player positioned directly behind the center to immediately after receiving the snap, to spike the ball to conserve time while under center or in shotgun. Legal incomplete pass. The down counts. 

#1) In the last few seconds of a half, Al completes a pass to A2 at B's 20-yard line. The ball is properly spotted and the referee marks it ready for play and signals the game clock to start. In the rush and confusion to stop the game clock, A's snapper and quarterback Al are the only A players in legal position when the ball is snapped and legally "spiked" by Al. A foul for illegal formation occurs at the snap.
RULING: The "spike" is legal. Since the spike is legal, the only applicable foul is for illegal formation. The reason for the game clock stoppage was the incomplete forward pass; therefore, the game clock shall start on the snap.
#2) Quarterback Al is positioned directly behind the snapper. (a) Al muffs the snap, but is able to take the ball from the ground and spike it forward; or (b) Al receives the snap, but his spike attempt hits snapper A2's leg and ricochets into the air. Al catches the ball and immediately spikes it forward.
RULING: An illegal forward pass in both (a) and (b). Once the ball touches the ground, a player or a spike attempt is unsuccessful, it may not be grounded legally thereafter using this exception. In order to be a "direct snap" and therefore meet the allowance within the exception, the ball must go immediately from the snapper to the person in position to take the snap without being muffed, fumbled or otherwise mishandled.