Weekly Bull 3/22/21

No Crew Chief Meeting This Week – Next Crew Chief Meeting will be Wednesday March 31at 6:30 pm.  Meetings by individual crews should be happening weekly.  As usual, crews should:

  1. Review the Bull,

    View and discuss the Crew’s cut-ups from last week’s game

    View and discuss the Instructional Video, and

    Establish Crew Goals for the upcoming game and share game logistics and scouting report

Improvement Week #1 To Week #2 – How did we do?  Did we show improvement?  As always, we must work hard to improve details of our work by meeting mid-week and covering the items listed above.  This is now Week #3 and half-way through the season so we must be in mid-season form.  Good luck this week!
“When in question, it is a foul for safety” - When a player makes any contact with an opponent, including a defenseless player, which is deemed unnecessary or excessive, then the axiom becomes, “When in question, it is a foul for safety.”  We had two such plays last week in our Calibration Video session.  The crew chiefs were split 50/50.  The feedback in the session was clear that we were “splitting hairs” and struggling with the details of the exact contact.  Mostly, if it wasn’t targeting, then 50% of us were not going to penalize the action as it was just a good hard hit.  We must get more consistent with this call and we’re asking everyone to re-calibrate and when in question, penalize for safety reasons.  A player who initiates contact against a defenseless player is responsible for making legal contact.  He must lower his target well below the head and neck area, more toward the waist.  He must keep his head to the side and make a form tackle.  The defender also has an option to make a play on the ball.  In the two plays we watched, the defenders were attempting to “punish” the defenseless player.  When in question, it is a foul for safety!
Conferences – Whenever a referee is conferencing with a head coach, AD or other school official, it is mandatory that another official be present just to confirm what is said during the conference.  Don’t conference alone.  It is the responsibility of the crew to recognize this, not the referee.
Mobility of the Umpire – We’re all built differently, and thus we move differently.  If a crew’s umpire is fit and able to move and quickly prepare for the next play, or quickly enforce the penalty then the referee is able to stay back and observe the field, chains, coaches, and clock.  If the umpire doesn’t hustle or physically struggles to move quickly, then the referee must spot the ball more so the game tempo remains high.  It’s a trade-off.
Long Incompletions – We’re happy to report that our flanks are doing a great job of getting involved in the relays from the BJ to the Umpire on long incompletions.  Reminder, you may also have your Umpire and flank official get a second ball from the offense’s sideline.  Just another option.
The result of the Play – When reporting a penalty, one of the most important facts to report to the referee is the result of the play!  In every case the “result of the play” information gets the referee processing the penalty enforcement correctly.  In some cases, it makes the enforcement options moot, as the penalty will obviously be declined and the team will take the result of the play.
Parking – Be alert for special parking instructions.  Much of the usual and customary has been adjusted for COVID.  Again, be flexible and professional.  Thank you. - Steve
Cold Weather – Check the weather for the upcoming week and make sure you have the clothing and equipment that will provide comfort. 
Location of the Chain Crew – Again, there has been nothing published from the CIF which allows for the chains to be moved to the home sideline near the press box.  Unless we hear something different from CIF, the chains will be located opposite the press box.
Video – Distribution of the game video is a much bigger job this year.  Crews are mixing up weekly.  My approach is to keep adding officials to the crews they work with.  I am not deleting them afterwards.  Too much work.  So, you may be getting film for games you haven’t worked.  Please just delete when they come to you and just keep the games you need.  My focus it getting the film to the crew asap and this is the best way to do it.
Spring Football Seasons in Other States – I’ve attached a listing of what is happening in other states that are having Spring high school football.  Just thought you might be interested.
Don Inkster Update – Don is doing well and recovering nicely.  We can’t wait to have him back on the field in August 2021.
Time Outs, Quarter Changes, and Period Between PAT and Kickoff – Keep the tempo high but relax if a team is requesting some additional time to complete their hydration with individual water bottles.  We can discuss on Wednesday crew chief meeting.
Referees – Your leadership has never been more important!  With these times of uncertainty, the crew, coaches, Ads, and fans look to you for calm, cool problem-solving and flexibility.  Thank you for setting a calm, professional tone for your games.
Reporting ejections – Crew Chiefs must complete enter the report and do so by Sunday morning.  I am reprinting the directions for your convenience.  Or better yet, let’s not have any ejections!

  1. Call Steve Coover the next day, (619-921-3006), with the ejection.

    Go to the San Diego CIF website at www.cifsds.org

    Hover your curser over OFFICIALS and select EJECTION MANAGER

    On the next screen select CLICK HERE.

    On the next screen select FOOTBALL from the drop down menu, then enter the password 123.

    Complete the form.  When finished, select Steve Coover as the Liaison.  Then press SAVE.  You’re done.

Thank You Coaches - Without your support and generous sharing of your game video our association would not be able to benefit from the weekly instructional videos and each crew's self-analysis.  Sometimes we hate what we see, but it provides us with an opportunity to fix it! Again, thank you for making this happen!
Food for Thought:
Play #1 - During the return of a free kick, R11 commits a BIB at the R26.  K15 commits a personal foul face mask as he tackles R44 at the K47 yardline.
Ruling: This is a double foul on a change of possession play. A free kick is a change of possession as the play begins with the kicking team in “team possession”, then the receiver of the free kick gains “player possession”.  So, due to the fact that we have a double foul on a change of possession play, and the receiving team gained possession prior to the BIB (“Clean Hands”), the receiving team has the option of declining the face mask penalty by their opponent, and then the kicking team would accept the BIB penalty against the return team. Team R’s ball 1st and 10 at the R-16.  BUT team R also has the option of accepting the facemask penalty and assuming that team K also accepts the BIB penalty, we’d have two live ball fouls, one by either team, and the penalties would offset and we’d replay the kickoff.

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