Weekly Bull 3/8/21

Coovers WEEKLY BULL  March 8 2021

Sideline Personnel - Persons on the sidelines must be restricted to players, coaches, athletic trainers, athletic directors, administration, media and game administration personnel such as chain crew, ball persons, etc.

Team Box - The team box will be extended to the 10 yard line in each direction.  This is for players and coaches in San Diego CIF.  All coaches, non-players and other personnel must wear face coverings. (a helmet is not a face covering).  Although we are not the "mask police" we can confirm with the head coach that the safety guidelines require all who are not on the playing field to be "masked up."  Our flank official will be "masked up" as much as possible considering his/her game responsibilities.  Head coaches will be supportive, as will each team's game administration (if needed).  Our focus is on the game, not on the team box, but should something outrageous occur, then get help from your head coach and/or game administration.  We're all just trying our best here.  Let's be reasonable and flexible.  Thanks!

Game Attendance – Schools are closely monitoring those who get access to the games.  In most cases if you show up at the gate you will be turned away.  If you are wanting to attend a game you better call for permission from the AD in advance of showing up.  Walking in with the crew will not work.  Don’t embarrass our Association.  I’m giving you this warning and telling you to not just show up.  Thank you!

NFHS Free Kick Mechanics Pilot – The SDCFOA Board and Crew Chiefs independently approved the use of the NFHS Free Kick Mechanics for the 2020 “mini-season” for any crew that chooses to pilot.  There is no mandate or agenda here.  The Association would just like some crews to pilot and give feedback to the Mechanics Committee prior to the 2021 season.  I’ve attached a copy of the NFHS mechanics for free kicks just so you can see the differences.  The goal is to position the U and HL in a fixed position relative to the contact zone thus gaining a better focus on this critical area of play.  We lose our positioning on the pylons.  Nothing is perfect but we’ll go through this process to determine the Association’s preference.

Scrimmage/Game Video – Obtaining all of the video will be my #1 priority this weekend.  Making the necessary adjustments based upon what we see in the video is critical to our success Week #2.  Please be patient as I get that to the crews.

Pre-Game Conference – Let’s do everything possible to conduct these two conferences near the start of the 30-minute warm up period as it gives us an opportunity to conference with the coaches before they get involved in running team offense and defense.  Start these as soon as you can.

Pregame Warm-ups - Regarding the Haka – Working with the CIFSDS we ruled that if the act is done on the field before the game, it must be done between the 45 yard line and the end line, and it may not be directed toward the opposing team or their fans. Teams violating this policy should be given a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.  Similarly, teams may not direct their enthusiasm at the opposing team by standing at mid-field shouting, pointing, jumping on the home school’s logo, etc.  That also goes for individuals.  All carry a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty which will be enforced on the kickoff. 

Food for Thought — The following fouls have special enforcement provision and options for the offended team:

  1. Free kick out of bounds untouched by R.

  2. Kick-catching interference.

  3. Roughing the passer, kicker, holder or snapper (automatic 1stdown).

  4. The enforcement spot for any foul by the defense is the goal line when the run ends in the end zone and would result in a safety.

  5. If the offensive team throws an illegal forward pass from its end zone or commits any other foul for which the penalty is accepted and measurement is from on or behind its goal line, it is a safety.

  6. The enforcement spot is the dead ball spot for roughing the passer when the dead ball spot is beyond the neutral zone and there has been no change of team possession. 

#1) K’s kick from the K 40-yardline goes out-of-bounds at the R 40-yardline (untouched inbounds by R).

Ruling: K may accept a 5-yard penalty from the previous spot and have K re-kick; or put the ball in play at the inbounds spot 25-yards beyond the previous post (R’s 35-yardline, or accept a 5-yard penalty from the succeeding spot.  R will most likely take the last option and put the ball in play at R’s 45-yardline.  PS: R also has the option of putting the ball in play at the out of bounds spot without the 5-yard penalty but that option is rather moot given that they can accept the “tack on” 5-yard penalty yardage.

#2) K’s punt goes well downfield and as R27 is moving under the punt to make a catch without a fair catch signal when K36 contacts R27 at the R 40-yardline prior to R27 beginning the catch process (early contact).  The ball bounces off of R27 and R45 picks up the ball and runs to the R-45 yardline where he is downed.

Ruling: Kick Catch Interference (KCI).  R may accept the result of the play; or accept an awarded fair catch after enforcement of a 15-yard penalty from the spot of the foul, or accept a 15-yard penalty from the previous spot and replay the down.

Game Day Protocols — Crews should pre-game during the week prior to arriving at the school site. Crews should also contact the head coach or athletic director to obtain logistics and requirements for that particular school or district.

  • Crew representative contacts school (AD preferably) and receives logistics & school requirements.

  • Schools may have strict “no fans” restrictions.  No guests, no crew family members.  Get info from AD.

  • Arrive at school in uniform and “masked up"

  • Go directly to the field to meet your crew 45 minutes before game time.

  • Obtain and sign required documents (vouchers, informed consent forms, COVID screening questions, take your temperature, etc.)

  • We are not aware of any school or district release forms. Just, maybe, informed consent meaning, you know what you're doing!

  • Stay masked up at all times and social distance throughout the warm up period

  • Bring your own water bottles, towels and nutrition

  • Use regular whistles with your gator/mask (although electronic whistles are allowed)

  • Team box is 10 yardline to 10 yardline for players and coaches (marked with chalk or cones?)

  • Emphasize the need to keep the restricted area cleared during live ball and coaches and non-players wearing their masks.

  • Coin toss will be limited to one captain from each team. No handshakes. Social Distance.

  • Conduct halftime conference and checklist somewhere in the stadium away from all others

  • Complete game and go to the parking lot in a group.

  • Post-game may be saved for mid-week or find a safe way for you to meet and debrief other than going to a restaurant indoors. Sorry Bully's!

Officiating Fees

VAR Referee = $83

VAR Others = $81

JV/Fr Referee = $71

JV/Fr Other = $70

Coovers WEEKLY BULL March 8 2021
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