Weekly Bull 4/20/21

Congratulations on a Great Season SDCFOA! –Even though we were challenged like never before, we all worked hard and prepared each week to go out and do our best for our fellow crewmates, the teams, the game itself, and for the fun!  You get it, this is not just a paycheck!  See you in three months!
Throw Your Masks Away – We don’t need no stinking masks!  Hopefully these will just be stories to be handed down to the next generation of officials…God willing!
Kyle Takao – Sad to report that Kyle fell and broke his clavicle on Saturday…3 pieces.  Ouch!  And he finished the game!  Surgery this morning and rehab starts immediately.  Knowing his youth and fitness level, he may be a “sleeper” in this year’s draft!
Calendar – April 28th should be our final Board meeting in preparation for the 2021 season.  June 5th will be the draft, and July 7th will be our first general meeting at Mira Mesa HS (even though we don not have approval yet, we are hoping that we will have permission following the Governor’s reopening date of June 15th).  2021 Calendar is attached!
Rule Books & Case Books – All Crew Chiefs were given extra copies of the rule books and case books for you study groups.  If you did not use some of them, I need to collect them back from you to distribute to our new officials.  Please email me and I’ll make arrangements to get them from you!  We will not be buying new rule books and case books next year.
Mechanics Committee Meeting – Our Mechanics Committee will be deliberating the changes suggested by you on our SDCFOA Annual Survey.  They will also be reviewing feedback from the use of the NFHS free kick mechanics that were piloted by quite a few crews.  And, YES, we will have a new manual printed this year ready to be distributed at our July 7th General Meeting at Mira Mesa HS…fingers crossed.
Crew Chief Selection Committee – The committee meets this week and their recommendations will go to the Board later in April.  There will be several openings and we will welcome back a small group that did not work this Spring season.
Board Meeting – April 28th 6:30 pm on Zoom.  Contact Ed Zapolski if you want to attend the open session portion.
Youth Fund – We will want to make the 2021 fundraising season the biggest and best ever.  We did not have our annual golf tourney and game check weekend, so I’m looking forward to a wonderful effort from us all this year!
How Can We Get Even Better? – Three things come to mind:

  • Stay in shape or improve our conditioning.  First impressions matter and an unfit official makes a bad first impression.  Plus it prepares us for the stamina and mobility necessary for a season of officiating football games. 

    Reflect on your season.  Take a moment to pat yourself on the back for the good things you accomplished this year.  Then list a few items that you can work on. 

  1. Get into the rule book.  Studying the rule book is time consuming, and the off season provides us with the time to “dig into” the rule and case books. 

Food For Thought
Play - Punt receiver R19 catches the ball and the R-9-yard line and circles back into the end zone, and is tackled there.  During R19’s run, K64 commits a personal foul at the R-15-yard line.
Ruling – Since the run ended behind the goal line, Team K is penalized 15 yards from the goal line.  Team R will put the ball in play at the R-15-yard line, first and 10.

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