Weekly Bull 7/7/21


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  1. Introductions: Special Guests, Board Members, Crew Chiefs, Recruiting Committee, New 1st Year Members

  2. Message from the President – Kevin Haws

  3. Annual Reports: Executive Secretary Ed Zapolski; Treasurer Tony Sands; Assignment Secretaries Tom Ables, Bob Duggan & Brad Cowan; Banquet Chair Bob Hood

  4. Awarding of patches to newly certified members – Don Carey, Jimmy Christensen, Ed Blick

  5. SDCFOA Youth Football Fund – Mike Downing & Jake Minger

  6. Special Guest – Clay Reynard Jr., NFL

  7. Annual Report - Instructional Chair Steve Coover

  8. Adjourn to Classroom

2020 - New Rules:

Disconcerting Act Foul and Penalty — Disconcerting acts or words by the defense has been reclassified from a unsportsmanlike foul to a disconcerting act foul, and the penalty changed from 15 yards to 5 yards.

Spiking the Ball to Conserve Time — The exception to allow a player to conserve time by intentionally throwing the ball forward to the ground immediately after receiving the snap, has been expanded to include any player positioned directly behind the center. This exception now includes snaps that are not hand-to-hand.

2021 - New Rule:

  1. Blocking below the waist is permitted in the free-blocking zone when the following conditions are met:

  • All players involved in the blocking are on the line of scrimmage and in the zone at the snap.

  • The contact is in the zone.

  • The block is an immediate, initial action following the snap.


If the block is an immediate initial action following the snap, it is the same block regardless of stance and location of the ball. It must be the immediate, initial action of the blocker following the snap. Not a delayed action. This change makes it easier for game officials to judge the legality of blocks below the waist and makes the game safer. The game officials simply observes the block and make a judgement without having to determine where the ball is and what formation the offense lined up in.

New Mechanics

  1. Edits to the 2021-2022 Mechanics & Philosophies Manual – Document in Kit

  2. Crew mechanics for New Down signal beginning and end.  Covering Official will signal result of the play.   R will observe action and as soon as it is determined he can proceed (no penalties or administrative delays are apparent) will signal to the box the next down.  The R will hold this signal up and observe the other crew members. The other officials will reflect R's signal and hold until R goes down with his signal.  U is exempt from reflecting the down signal if he is busy placing the ball.

  3. Requirement for Back Judge (5-Man) and Referee (4-Man and 3-Man) to utilize a non-visual timing device for the 25/40 count.

  4. Midland brand radios are to be the standard equipment when used by the crew.  If used, Crew Chiefs will be responsible to provide radios for the crew.  Remaining crew members shall provide their own Midland compatible ear-piece.

  5. Umpire position approximately 7-10 yards from the line of scrimmage and favor the Line Judge side of the field on scrimmage plays.  Position 10 -15 yards deep on scrimmage kick plays on the Line Judge side of the field.  Initial position should allow for clear visibility to rule on snap, typically shading the outside shoulder of the widest down lineman.

July 7 2021
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