Weekly Bull 8/18/21

Meeting Agenda – All classes meet at Mira Mesa this Wed. at 7:00 pm.  Crew Chief meeting at 6:00 pm.  We have a lot to debrief from our scrimmages and our video reviews.  No Meetings Next Week 8/25

  1. Attendance – Check your attendance and Clinic attendance to make sure they are correct.  Enter your scores from the mechanics test.
  2. Weekly Bull & Food for Thought
  3. Calibration Plays
  4. Instructional Video

It’s game week!  Are you ready for Friday Night Lights!  It continues to be warm.  Don’t forget to hydrate. Does your crew have a person responsible for water and maybe energy bars?  Reminder – Please follow all guidelines from the home school.  No exceptions.  It would be wise to get that information in advance of Friday night (or Thursday or Saturday).
Keep Your Availability Current – Please keep your calendar accurate in Arbiter so the assignor doesn’t have to assign twice!
Fees – Varsity referee $85.  All other varsity officials $83.  JV & Frosh referee $73.  All others below varsity $72.
Youth Fees – Tackle Football $65.  Flag Football $45
No Scoreboard at Junior Seau Field – If you have a Foothills Christian home game you may be keeping the official time and score, on the field.
Uniforms – Address them in pre-game.  They do not have to be legal in warm ups, but inform them that they WILL be sent out of the game for one play once it starts.  Items to address include: face painting, untucked shirts, jerseys tucked up under shoulder pads, knees uncovered, bandanas protruding out the back of the helmet, long skinny streamers or long belts, towels that are not solid color without any messages.  Team must use same color of towel (not yellow).  Hoodies are legal but no foul if the defender tackles him by his hoodie!
Coaching & Team Box – 25-yardline to 25-yardline.  Just like the good old days!
Coaches Cards – These are available for download at www.sdcfoa.org.  Varsity games only.
Thank You From the First and Second Year Instructors – Every year our first year officials work their very first scrimmages with the outstanding guidance of some of our best crew members.  Then our second year officials work their scrimmage with the help of more outstanding officials.  This year was no different!  Our regular crew members did another amazing job of educating, supporting, and helping to develop the 1st and 2nd year officials’ skills this past week.  Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the Association and its membership! – Gary Gittelson, Tom Ables, Earl Totty, Jimmy Christensen, Ed Blick and Don Carey
Clean Up Classrooms & Put Technology Back – Just a reminder that we do not want to ruin our stay at Mira Mesa.
George Schutte – George Schutte was the designer of our instructional program and always taught us that the instructional program does not end in the classroom.  You must study outside the classroom each week of the season. Post games are critical as rules questions will arise!  Then you continue your learning on Saturdays as you work youth football.  We are so thankful that youth football is back.  This was George’s design and it works if you engage with discipline!
Communicating with Your Coach – If you have a complaint or question from your coach let your referee know.  One of the biggest complaints I get from coaches is that the flanks do not communicate their concerns to the referee.  Use your radios!  This builds frustration and adds to the original issue.  By the time the referee does get to the sideline he now has to deal with an upset and frustrated coach.  There shall be two officials present for all meetings between the referee and the head coach, but only one speaks – the referee!
Targeting, Late Hits & Unnecessary Roughness – Let’s not forget to refer to late contact or unnecessary contact fouls with exact and accurate terminology. Many fouls are simply Personal Foul - Late Hit or Personal Foul – Blocking a Player Who is Clearly Out of the Play.  Targeting is taking aim, initiating contact, with the helmet, shoulder, arm, wrist or hand, above the shoulders. Spearing is taking aim, and initiating contact with the crown of the helmet. And a Personal Foul – Excessive Contact to a Defenseless Player is a hit or block against a defenseless player that is judged excessive and unnecessary.
2021 Ejection/Disqualification Procedure – No changes.  Steve Coover will coordinate ejections for all high school football games (all levels).  Please refer to your applicable youth assigner for ejection procedures for youth games. 
Calling an Ejection - Flag the play but do not immediately signal or communicate that you are ejecting the player.
Discuss the foul with the crew-chief/referee and any other officials that saw the action.  Referees should discuss with their umpire or back judge.  If the general consensus is that the foul should result in an ejection, the crew-chief and the official that called the foul should notify the offenders head coach that the player has been ejected and the reason for the ejection.  If the official that made the call is the crew-chief, he should be accompanied by the flank official on the side of the offending team.  Although permitted by rule, do not eject a fan, parent, administrator or others that are not in the team box.  Refer this ejection to the site administrator, or in the absence of a site administrator, to the home team head coach for removal of this individual.    
Reporting Ejections - Call Steve Coover the next day, (619-921-3006), with the ejection.  Go to the San Diego CIF website at www.cifsds.org

  • Hover your curser over OFFICIALS and select EJECTION MANAGER

    On the next screen select CLICK HERE.

    On the next screen select FOOTBALL from the drop down menu, then enter the password 123.

    Complete the form.  When finished, select Steve Coover as the Liaison.  Then press SAVE.  You’re done.

Food For Thought –

  1. First and 10 for team A from its 20 yardline. Team A is illegally in motion at the snap. A1's legal forward pass is intercepted by B2 at team A's 40 yardline. During B2's return to team A's 10 yardline, B3 blocks below the waist at team A’s 30 yardline.

    1. Ruling:  Although both teams committed live-ball fouls, the fouls do not  automatically offset. The foul by B3 followed a change of team possession. If team B declines the penalty for team A’s foul, team B will retain possession, but the 15-yard penalty for blocking below the waist must be enforced from the spot of the foul. If team B accepts the penalty for illegal motion, it is a double foul and the down will be replayed (10-13, 10-2-1b).

    Fourth and five on team K's 35 yardline. K1's punt hits the ground at team R's 20 yardline and is rolling when R2 illegally blocks below the waist at his 18-yardline. The kick stops moving and is blown dead on team R's 10-yardline.

    1. Ruling: Post-scrimmage kick enforcement applies. The penalty is enforced half the distance from team R's 10 yardline. It will be team R's ball first and 10 from its 5-yardline (2-162h, 2-41-6, 10-3-2, 10-4).

Weekly Bull 8 18 21
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