Weekly Bull 9/29/21

No Meeting This Week – Next meeting will be Wednesday October 13th.  It’s a great time to get back into a rule and/or review a section in the mechanics book.  Instructional video comes out tomorrow!
Welcome Back Nathan and Some Concerning News Regarding Mike Sotelo – Good news and bad news.  Nathan is back and working after a heart stint was placed in a major artery – that’s the good news!   But our thoughts and prayers go out to Mike Sotelo as he received a cancer diagnosis recently. Here’s hoping the treatments are positive and Mike can rejoin us like Nathan has!
BJ’s Restaurant Fundraiser is Back! – The flyer is attached and 20% of your final bill will be donated by BJ’s to the Youth Fund.  Thank you, Bob Hood for setting this up again.
Reminder - Game Check Weekend for SD Youth Football Fund.  Mark it down in your calendar October 7-9. Our goal is $5,000 or $25 per official.  The SDYFF will buy the crew who contributes the most during this weekend a full crew dinner after your game on November 5th, up to $30/official!   Strive to be the best, and we’ll take care of your dinner that night!  Thank you Mike Downing and Jake Minger for your continued leadership in our charitable efforts to support our San Diego Football Community.  Remember, we couldn’t fund raise last year so let’s double our efforts in supporting our very own charity!
Golf Tournament – This year’s golf tournament will take place on Wednesday, November 3rd at Riverwalk GC in Mission Valley.  Shotgun start at 11:00am.  $125 covers golf, cart, and lunch.  $145 gets you all that plus drink tickets and a chance to win lots of great prizes at the raffle.  You can enter a group or play as an individual.  Golfers of all abilities and their guests are welcome. Raffle prize donations are also encouraged and appreciated.  Contact Ed Blick, Mike Downing, or Jake Minger with questions or go on-line and register at www.sandiegoyouthfootballfund.org
Thank You Coaches - Without your support and generous sharing of your game video our association would not be able to benefit from the weekly instructional videos and each crew's self-analysis.  Sometimes we hate what we see, but it provides us with an opportunity to fix it! Again, thank you for making this happen!
The Regular Season Begins - Teams are now playing conference opponents and league championships are at stake.  We need to "up our game" in response to this unique part of the schedule.  Teams are more familiar with each other and that can be a good thing or a bad thing.  Be aware of rivalries.  
PAT/Field Goal Holder – If a team chooses to have their holder not have his knee on the ground then they are no longer in a scrimmage kick formation thus no protection for the snapper and no numbering exceptions.  If a holder has his knee on the ground, he may then rise to advance, hand, or pass the ball.  Remember, the holder with his knee on the ground must rise first if he wishes to hand or pass the ball (forward or backward).
Illegal Touch on 4th Down – What if on 4th down the pass is intentionally, illegally touched by an ineligible lineman behind the LOS?  The penalty is 5-yards from the spot of the foul as it is a foul by the offense behind the basic spot.  It is also a loss of down, which is more accurately stated in the rule book to be “a loss of down is the loss of the right to replay the down.”  Thus, the defense can accept the foul and the yardage, plus, gain possession of the ball at that spot.
Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Here comes the pink!  Do you have your pink whistles?
Observer Program – Thanks to all of our observers who have now completed observations for every crew in the Association.  Their feedback is another opportunity to “fix” some minor, or even some major issues.  Having an outside view of our work can really help.  Thank you to the crews for taking their comments seriously and always making the extra effort to get even better!
Homecoming – By rule the home team may be extended to 20 minutes for homecoming or any other major event.  The visiting team must have been notified at least 5 minutes prior to the game.  Teams will also have the mandatory 3 minute warm up for a total of 23 minutes.
Agree When to Signal and Then Be Consistent - Be consistent when you signal your fellow official with your player count.  This allows fellow crew mate to get on with his pre-snap concentration.   Many officials, with offensive teams who huddle, signal when the offense breaks the huddle.  Get your count early. 
Late Starts and Warm Up Period – Reminder, if your game is going to start late for any reason (traffic, JV game goes too long, etc.) get your coaches together and work out a new start time and warm up period.  There may be an established amount of warm up time in a particular conference.  The coaches should know and agree without any problem.
National Association of Sports Public Address Announcers (NASPAA) - Code of Conduct -
The following principles and expectations underscore the NASPAA’s P.A. announcing philosophy. P.A. announcers must utilize these guidelines.
1. Announcers shall understand that their role is to provide pertinent information in a timely manner and to do so professionally and not attempt to be bigger than the game or event by doing play-by-play or by providing commentary in an effort to entertain or to draw attention to himself or herself.
2. Announcers shall understand that because they have a tremendous influence on the crowd and that cheerleading or antics designed to incite the crowd for the purpose of gaining an advantage for their team is inappropriate.
3. Announcers shall promote good sportsmanship and a positive environment by what they say and how they act.
4. Announcers shall treat the opponents and their fans as guests, not the enemy.
5. Announcers shall respect the individuals who are responsible for the conduct and administration of athletic games and events, such as coaches, officials and administrators, and avoid making any comments that reflect positively or negatively on them.
6. Announcers shall respect the participants of all teams and remain neutral when introducing the starting participants, announcing substitutions and the outcome of plays or performances of the participants.
7. Announcers shall exhibit professional behavior and represent their school, organization or association with respect and dignity at all times by what they say, how they act and how they appear.

Food For Thought -

K1 's attempted kick try hits the upright and caroms to R2, who is standing in his own end zone.(4-2-2d-2)

Ruling: The ball should be declared dead.

A1 takes the snap and fakes a handoff to A2, then hands the ball to A3. B3 bites on the fake and attempts to tackle A2. The impact causes the helmet to come completely off A2's head. A3 advances 10 yards and is downed. (2-32-14; 4-2-2k)

Ruling:  The ball remains live when A2's helmet comes off.

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