Weekly Bull 12/20/19


Make Up Meeting Tonight – If you need a final meeting or to take an exam so that you will be eligible for the 2020 draft, come to Challenger MS at 7:00 pm to make up a missed meeting.  The meeting requirement is 9 meetings (banquet and clinic both count as a meeting each) plus pass the mechanics and rules test.  I’ve emailed each member of the association that is deficient in meeting the requirements.  If a one-year waiver is necessary, that letter/email of explanation needs to be sent to me asap. 

CIF Seminfinals (Friday Night) – These will be some of the most exciting and competitive games of the 2019 season.  Our officials have all attended a special workshop in preparation for their 7-man crew assignments led by Clay Reynard Jr. (PAC12), Chris Wiggins (PAC12), Steve Hoslett (Mountain West), Brian Bortness (SCIAC), Ron Gillenberg (SCIAC) and Don Carey (Retired NFL).  We are ready for the challenges we will face as our crews are being led by some of our most outstanding referees/leaders!  Go out and support them and enjoy one of these games.  Check in Arbiter, your local paper, the internet, or the CIF website for games and times.  Remember, no passes are accepted. 

Open Division Finals (Saturday Night) – 7:00 pm at Southwestern College.  We will have our usual seating on the 3rd level (parking lot level) of the stadium in the south endzone.  Parking is $10.  Please join us as we cheer on the following crew!

Referee – Terry Bernard

Umpire – Andre Coleman

HL – Paul Kwiatkowski

LJ – Moses Moreno

SJ – Blake Morgan

FJ – Garrett Haislip

BJ – Tony Shaw 

Final Instructional Video – Tonight I will be sending out a final Instructional Video for the 2019 season.  I may continue to periodically share videos in the post-season and off-season.  I hope you’ve found them informative and helpful in your work.  We will continue to amend and/or enhance how we use instructional video in the future, so if you have any ideas to improve our services to the membership please feel free to contact me.  I will also be provided suggestions from the Association Survey to help guide our improvement efforts. 

Injury to Matt Starr – Matt suffered a ruptured achilles tendon last Friday night, received a quick diagnosis and is undergoing surgery tomorrow!  Matt doesn’t mess around and is already planning his rehab and race to be ready for the 2020 season.  Let’s wish Matt a speedy recovery.

Mike Duggan GNAC NCAA Playoff Selection – Mike has been selected as an alternate to the #2 crew from the GNAC college conference that he now works for.  He received this prestigious assignment after just his first year in the conference.  Congratulations, Mike!  Way to represent!

SCIAC Conference Playoff Crews Selected – They are still awaiting a playoff assignment for week 2 of the playoffs but those selected from San Diego are:

Brian Bortness

Jace Carlson

Garrett  Haislip

Zack Marble

Ted Schiess

Jacob Wittler

JC Southern California Championship – Congratulations to Jeff Phillips (referee), Jay Drewry (umpire) and John Gill III (Side Judge) for being selected to work the Southern California JC Championship Game at Riverside College next Saturday November 30th.  What a great honor for you and for SDCFOA.  Have a great game!  We’re proud of you three!

JC Play-off Game Assignments -  The junior college seminfinal games for the SoCal Championship game will be played on Saturday November 23 at various sites.  San Diego officials selected to work a semifinal are:

Ed Zapolski

Kyle Takao

Glenn Inigo

Mark Halby

JC Bowl Game Assignments – The junior college bowl game assignments have come out and the San Diego officials selected to work one of the bowl games on Saturday November 23rd are:

Scott Carroll

Rob Schaerer

Donovan Miles

Tony Sands

John Thur

Greg Covington

Blair Havens

Michael Harvey

November 20 2018
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