Weekly Bull 8/21/02


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  1. Attendance/CAVs

  2. Announcements

  3. Food for Thought

  4. Finish Federation Qualification Exam Part I (Rules 7-10) – Questions 67 - 100

  5. Adjourn 8:30


  1. Banquet reminder – See Robin House and pay your $30 now.

  2. Do you have your Pop Warner Football Rules handout? If not get one from your instructor tonight!

  3. Charity Fund – SDCFOA Game Check Weekend – October 10-12, 2002

SDYFF Charity Golf Tournament

Lomas Santa Fe Country Club

February 24, 2003

On behalf of those who have contributed and those who plan to participate in the events listed above, it has truly been gratifying to give back to the local football community, especially youth football. The financial aid has meant so much to the families that have been assisted by our Fund. Thank You!

  1. Federation Qualification Exam Quiz – Next meeting- September 4th – This is the test used most widely in the U.S. for testing an official’s knowledge of the rules, Good Luck!

  2. New contract – Three years with $2.00 increases at all levels (frosh thru varsity). That’s a total of $6.00 in raises when we get to the 2004 season. Congratulations you deserve it for being the professionals you are!! (even if we aren’t in it for the money!) The new fees are listed on your game assignments. Please fill out your vouchers with the proper amounts.

  3. Please comply and fill out any necessary IRS forms provided by the schools.

  4. Remember…we are guests at the schools. Best manners!! No smoking! They are asked to provide us with adequate dressing facilities. Please leave them neat and clean! If there is a problem with facilities call Coover!

  5. 7-man crews for all semi-finals and finals (except 8-man). Mechanics handout is coming!

  6. PS – Interested in officiating other sports? Contact the CIF for names and phone numbers of associations. For wrestling officiating call Dan Dierdorff.

10 SOS Sports will be selling gear at the meeting tonight!

  1. Anyone interested in positions at executive secretary, instructional chair, assignment secretary, or treasurer must apply in writing to Nathan Weiss by Oct. 2, 2002.

Food for Thought:

  1. From the coaches: Please, take the time to communicate with them. Sometimes our flanks are not letting the referee know that the coach has a question.

  2. Also from the coaches: Sometimes we are shouting at each other (referee and head coach) and the shouting is misinterpreted as anger. Avoid this.

  3. Goal line – work in advance of the ball. We have done a good job with this mechanic at the goal line. It is also very effective in the field of play for the covering official to be at the line to gain in advance of the ball on key short yardage situations.

  4. Remember, we get paid is a fair stipend for the services that we perform. All schools pay the same amount (8-man through Division I). Good teams and bad teams. Put forth the effort that all teams and players deserve.

  5. Let’s be considerate of complimentary beverages at games. Don’t insist and don’t be upset if they want to charge you. Be understanding! We are only people making money at many of these events.

  6. Don’t forget to take care of you and your crew when it comes to hydration and nutrition. Maybe bring gatorage and water (Cliff Bars) to doubleheaders. We underestimate the amount of physical exertion that we experience.

  7. Review of Coaches Clinic Handout.

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