Weekly Bull 9/4/02


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  1. CAV - Attendance

  2. Announcements

  3. Food for Thought

  4. Rules Test – Passing Score will be 70 correct!

  5. Adjourn 8:30


  1. We are sad to report that George Schutte, one of the founding fathers of our association, and the designer of our instructional program (which we use today) is gravely ill and in the hospital. Many SDCFOA members have visited this past week, but we have been asked by family members to not visit for a while. A card from the association was presented and we can only ask that you remember George in your prayers. We will keep you posted through the crew chiefs and the bull.

  2. Instructors have been given San Diego Youth Football Fund pledge forms. Members are encouraged to complete their pledge and return the forms to their instructors. They can make a contribution in cash, check or credit card via our website www.sdyouthfootballfund.org. One official received a matching contribution from Prudential Securities where he works. Ask your office if they will match your contribution! This is a practice offered by many companies. Thanks for you help and continued support. – Jake

  3. October 2nd meeting will meet at Santana – West Hills has open house that night and so we will move to Santana H.S. October 2nd ONLY. 9915 Magnolia Avenue, Santee. From West Hills go east on Mast until you reach Magnolia. Turn left and school is at the corner of Mast and Magnolia. Sorry for any inconvenience….

  4. 8-man 45-point rule – If 45 point difference at halftime the game is over. If the difference reaches 45 points at any time in the second half, the game is ended at that point. No compromise. The coaches voted on this rule and want it enforced.

  5. Grossmont 5th quarter – By mutual agreement of both coaches before the game, a 5th quarter will be played and officials are to add another $9.00 to their game fee. The timing is a 20-minute running clock which stops only for an injury (not for a score or timeout). Coaches can be on the field if they want.

  6. Do you have your own health insurance? You need to have medical coverage for the season. You don’t get any medical coverage from NASO or the CIF. NASO does cover you for liability but not medical.

  7. Banquet Reminder – See Robin House and pay your $30 now. It goes up at the door. See him before and after each meeting!!

  8. Rosters will be handed out tonight.

Food for Thought:

  1. Player A1 has a legal eye shield attached to his helmet but is wearing a pair of dark-lens sunglasses to cover his light-sensitive eyes. Ruling: Legal. The only equipment requirement pertains to the eye shield. There is no ruling on sunglasses.

  2. Interesting Pop Warner situation Oceanside Pop Warner, highest division said their punter kicks with a sock only. We told them that they had to wear a shoe. One of the coaches said he read the rule that indicated that the shoe only need to cover the foot and have a sole (they wanted to use a surf shoe). In an effort to get the game rolling, the crew accepted the statement. The two times the player punted, the ball went well and the shoe went thirty or more feet into the air. Of course, after the game and the referee was home, the rule book was opened to the real definition. It may be good for reiteration…1-5-1g Shoes shall be made of a material which covers the foot (canvas, leather or synthetic) attached to a firm sole of leather, rubber or composition material which may have cleats or may be cleatless. Among the items which do not meet these requirements are gymnastic slippers, tennis shoes cut so protection is reduced, ski and logger boots and other apparel not intended for football use. Never trust coach!

  3. Player/Coach Conferences – Please review quickly the guideline for conferences. When we screw this up we look stupid and the coaches are trying to learn this stuff.

  4. When communicating, use a firm but relaxed, normal voice; don’t shout. Choose your words carefully; don’t threaten; avoid problems rather than create them. If questioned, then told off, remind them of the reasons for the conversation, or leave.

  5. Players: Treat players in a firm, fair, friendly, impartial manner. Most players will be on their best behavior when the official is doing his job. Stop derogatory talk between players immediately, it may prevent later trouble. Avoid saying anything or doing anything that might be misunderstood.

  6. Coaches: Do not fraternize with coaches, but do not slight them. Do not seek out coaches after the game for the purpose of trying to explain a game situation. This should have been dome during the game, or wait until tempers cool. Never argue with a coach.

  7. Fans: Accept the fact that fans are usually ignorant of the rules, are highly partisan and delight in irritating officials. Try to ignore or avoid them.

  8. Officials: Be considerate of your fellow officials at all times. Don’t criticize when you are observing a crew. Rather, respect their efforts and provide the needed support.

  9. Be professional; don’t give information or be critical of players, teams, coaches, or fellow officials.

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