Weekly Bull 7/11/01


A Federal Non Profit Exempt Corporation


Tonights Agenda

  1. Introduction of Board members

  2. Introduction of Special Guests

  3. Announcements:

  • Executive Secretary

  • Assignment Sectys

  • Treasurer

  • Instructional Chair

  • Ratings Chair

  • Banquet Chair

  1. Awarding of patches to new regulars

  2. Adjorn to Classrooms

The Board has taken action on the following policies regarding assignment turn-backs turning in ratings, and the use of Association mechanics:

  1. Officials must only turn-back assignments with "valid" reason - Sibbet

  2. Officials must return a completed ratings - Inskeep 3. Officials must use association mechanics — Coover

Instructional Program Highlights 2001:

1              Teach the consistent application of association mechanics and the rules!

  1. Individuals must study and pass the exams!

  2. Classrooms will be free of disruptions, with the exception of assignment secretaries.

  3. Every crew will be professional and personable.

  4. Kickoff and on-side kick coverage

  5. Spotting the ball consistently and accurately

  6. Managing the boxman and signaling properly

  7. Handling pop warner coaches

  8. Starting Games by reviewing sportsmanship themes

  9. Ready for play at end of 2nd or 4th quarters and for hurry-up offenses

  10. Use of video as instructional tool

  11. Response to coaches cards

  12. Pilot program — logging fouls and monitoring by crew chief

New Rules 2000:

  • Face Mask – 5 & 15

  • R touching of Free Kick

  • Towels

  • R touching forward pass in/behind neutral zone

New Rules 2001:

  • See Rule Book

New Mechanics 1999:

  1. If a motion man is coming to your side and the motion is forward, call it if you see it.

  2. On a scrimmage kick, R will signal I I players (or less) to the head linesman.

  3. Signal juggling and motion out-of-bounds when appropriate.

  4. When there is a bad snap on a scrimmage kick and the play goes deep into the backfield, the umpire will move up to the line of scrimmage and rule on kick behind/beyond line-of-scrimmage. Head linesman will follow ball back and bracket with referee.

  5. On scrimmage kicks the Line Judge will line up even with the deep receiver.

  6. The Umpire will be positioned under the goal post on PAT/Field Goals 10 and in.

New Mechanics 2000:

  1. When both flankers are back the flanks will both punch back and then count the backfield to determine the legality of the formation. If it is a single back set, the flanks will signal 1 back by raising one finger to head height.

  2. Officials will communicate less than 11 players by a pushing down signal with both hands from waist high. (Closed fist indicates exactly 11 players, more than 11 players "squirrel cage" signals other official to re-count.

  3. The Umpire will be at the goal line on the press box side of the field. The Back Judge will be at the ball. Both will assume the appropriate duties for those positions. The Referee and Umpire will have progress to the 30-yard line where the Line Judge and Head Linesman will then take progress to the kicker's goal line.

  4. Hot weather pop warner uniform only: black coaches shorts w/belt, crew-length socks. Senior assigned official makes call & all must wear!

New Mechanics 2001:

  1. 5 man, 4 man, & 3 man — If team A is in a formation normally used for a kick try or an attempted field goal from the 10 yardline or in, the Umpire is in his proper position under the goal post, and where all eleven team A players are in a tight formation with no wideouts, the flank official(s) will take their initial position approximately 9-10 yards in from the sidelines (to the top of the numbers). Immediately after it is clear that the kick has not been blocked, flank officials should then close to the center of the field to observe player action at the line of scrimmage and to use their voice to prevent unnecessary contact or fouls.

  2. 5man & 4 man — During a try or field goal from the 10-yard line or in, and team A is in a "swinging gate" formation, all officials will be in their regular positions for a regular scrimmage down. The Back Judge and Umpire will shade to the "swinging gate" side of the field. If team A shifts to a formation normally used for a kick try or attempted field goal, then the Umpire will move back under the upright on the Line Judge's side of the field and the Back Judge will move under the upright on the Head Linesman's side of the field.

  3. 4 man measurements — the same as 5 man measurements in all cases. There is no Back Judge in 4 man so no one will be at the box.


  1. Player/Coach Conferences

  2. Football Fees Schedule

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