Weekly Bull 8/1/01


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  1. Attendance

  2. CAV

  3. Announcements

  4. Food for Thought

  5. Answers for Mechanics Summer Study

  6. Rules 1-3 (emphasis on definitions)

  7. First 33 Rules Summer Study Questions

  8. Adjourn 8:30


  1. Banquet Reminder – See Robin House and pay your $20 now. It goes up at the door. See him before and after each meeting!! (The last Weekly Bull incorrectly stated the price was $15…in fact it is $20 but still a great deal for what you get!)

  2. How is your equipment? – Don’t wait until the scrimmage to get it out and replace the damaged stuff! And don’t forget to donate to the Officials Used Gear Locker. Make your contributions to Dave Fleischman.

  3. Coover has a few extra meeting schedules as people have been asking for them.

  4. This year’s high school fees will go up another $1.00 at every level including playoffs, chains, and clock operators.

  5. Attached to this week’s Bull is a Charity Fund Pledge for 2001. If you choose to participate, the forms can be completed in class and turned in to the instructors (this week or whenever). Instructors are to place them in the brown envelopes for pick up with attendance after 8:00.

  6. There are currently two applicants for treasurer. If anyone else would like to be considered, communicate your interest “in writing” to Nate Weiss by September 1st!

  7. In addition, the board, on an annual basis, elects all other officers of the board. Any member who is interested in the positions of executive secretary, assignment secretary, or instructional chair need to communicate this in writing to our current executive secretary, Nathan Weiss by November 1, 2001.

Food for Thought:

  1. Good session last week. Are we ready to walk on the field and work anything from 2-man to 5man responsibilities? 5-man mechanics will be covered at length at the September 12 meeting!

  2. Don't forget to review your mechanics manual at length. The diagrams are nice, but the manual tells it all! Do you have yours? Do you need another one? See your instructor and he will get one from Coover.

  3. The mechanics diagrams used in the last meeting will be handed out tonight. It is suggested you create a notebook with laminated inserts. This notebook of diagrams could then be used for quick reviews of basic mechanics positions before you get to the game!! Or use it in your pregame!

  4. Tonight we talk about rules 1-3 with special emphasis on rule 2. This rule (rule 2) and the fundamentals section of the rule book lay the foundation for understanding the rules of football.

Learn them and review them annually!

  1. From the NCAA ranks. .... a few When In Doubts!

  • It is a touchback rather than a safety;

  • Offensive players are legally on the line;

  • A player has not touched the ball;

  • The pass is incomplete rather than a fumble;

  • The run has ended rather than a fumble;

  • As to "caught or trapped" assume the pass is incomplete;

  • It is a legal block, not holding;

  • It is not clipping, the block was from the side;

  • Don't throw the flag;

  • Don't blow the whistle;

  • Call time out for an injured player or to clear up confusion.

Crew Chiefs & Instructors:

  1. Sibbet & Assignments

  2. I'm missing two of the binders from last meeting with the overheads.

  3. Review of Tonight's Agenda

  4. Excellent start to the New Year. Thank you instructors. I see quality teaching and engaged officials. This will pay off in September!! Keep it up!

  5. Adjourn 8:30 — Thank you for adhering to this standard. Last meeting was a beautiful thing. Few interruptions and studying until 8:30 in every class! THANK YOU!

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