Weekly Bull 9/12/01


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  1. Attendance CAV’s

  2. Announcements

  3. Food for Thought

  4. Mechanics Presentations

Session I: 7:25 – 7:55

Session II: 8:00 – 8:30

Referee – Room 250 – Mike Downing

Umpire – Room 251 – Nathan Weiss

Head Linesman/Line Judge – Library – Scott Reilly & John Freeman

Back Judge – Room 254 – Robert Franceschiello

  1. Adjourn 8:30


  1. Meeting Date Change – The Wed. Oct. 10th meeting has been moved to Tuesday Oct. 9th. This the meeting dedicated to film review (1 full hour) so don’t miss it!!

  2. The Grossmont League freshman coaches will be using the 5th quarter for those who didn’t play during the game. Officials are to stay and work the 5th quarter and will be paid an additional $9.00. Check with the coaches before the game to make sure they are going to use the 5th quarter so you can fill out your vouchers properly.

  3. San Diego City School WILL NOT be using the 5th quarter….even if they ask…per John Shacklet and the Conference officials. If North County or South Bay want to use it, use the Grossmont procedure and the $9.00 extra fee. Coaches on the field unless they want to be off!

  4. Charity Fund Update: As of today, we have received pledges from 54 members (approx. 26%) of the membership. These pledges represent $2560 of support. That is outstanding! We are very optimistic that the remaining members will come out contribute the first 54. It is not to late to make a pledge and make a difference to the football community. Our next drawing for Magic Mountain tickets is Sept 19th. Pledge Forms are available from your instructors. Just a reminder, we will accept checks or cash prior to the “Game Check” weekend. Thank You for your support! – Jake Minger and the Charity Committee

  5. Remember…next meeting is a meeting where assignments are handed out. Be there or have someone pick up your assignments! Otherwise, Sibbet may give your assignments away!

Food for Thought:

  1. Ejections – reminder – be slow to eject, process with your referee before you announce your decision, referees talk with your flanks or your umpire to slow yourself down. Don’t be emotional and remember the 15-yard penalty, by itself, is a big one!

  2. Flagrant Unsportsmanlike – We have two precedent setting fouls already…let’s stay consistent. White player using the “N” word directed at an African-American player is flagrant and ejection. “F” you directed at an official is flagrant and ejection.

  3. Can there be “no contact” kick catch interference? Yes “obstruct R’s path to the ball”. Obstruct = block or hinder.

Bull 9 12 01
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