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2007 North-South San Diego County All-Star Game

Date:   Friday, July 13, 2007

Time:   Kick-off at 7:30 pm   

Site:     Mesa College

 Tonight’s Agenda

  1. Introduction of Board members

  2. Introduction of Special Guests

  3. Introduction of new Crew Chiefs

  4. Announcements:

  • Executive Secretary

  • Vote on Proposed Changes To Constitution & By-Laws

  • Assignment Secretaries

  • Treasurer

Football Officials Fees – 2007

Varsity Referee = $68.00

Varsity Other Officials = $66.00

JV All Officials = $56.00

Frosh All Officials = $49.00

  • Instructional Chair

  • Banquet Chair

  1. Awarding of patches to new regulars

  2. Adjourn to Classrooms

  • Registration

  • New Rules and Program Highlights

New Rules 2007:

  1. A 4-inch-wide broken restraining line shall be placed around the outside of the field, at least 2 yards from the sidelines and end lines, as an extension of the line limiting the team box area.

  2. A line, 4 inches wide and a minimum of 24 inches in length, shall be centered in the field of play, three yards from each goal line.

  3. A new definition has been added to define a flagrant foul.

  4. Helmet Contact -- Illegal: is an act of initiating contact with the helmet against an opponent. Three revisions dealing with illegal helmet contact are an attempt by the rules committee to reorganize the existing rules and definitions by bringing them under one heading.

  5. A passer is a player who throws a legal forward pass. He continues to be a passer until the legal forward pass ends or until he moves to participate in the play.

  6. If the head coach has been disqualified, a "new" head coach may be designated for the purpose of requesting time-out(s).

  7. When there is a foul by the opponent of the team scoring a touchdown, an enforcement option has been added. The offended team can accept the result of the play; choose to have the penalty enforced on the try; or choose to have the penalty enforcement on the free kick.

  8. A new basic spot has been defined for plays where a fumble goes from the end zone onto the playing field and then out of bounds.

  1. The free blocking zone has been reduced to a zone that is a square area extending laterally 3 yards either side of the spot of the snap and 3 yards behind each line of scrimmage.

    Points of Emphasis:

                Blocking by Offense and Defense

                2. Heat and Hydration

                3. Player Equipment and Uniform Adornments

                4. Sportsmanship

New Mechanics 2007:

5-Man Mechanics - On all PATs and field goals, the Line Judge will be positioned under the goalposts with the Back Judge.  The Umpire will always be positioned 6-8 yards from the LOS on the Line Judge’s side of the line, ready to rule on the snap, action on the center, and all interior line play.

Instructional Program Highlights 2007:

  1. A more common dialogue between referees and the head coach in pregames:
  • Home team first

  • Referee and Umpire

  • Introductions – My name is Steve Coover and I’ll be your referee tonight.

  • Everyone legally equipped?

  • Any unusual plays or formations?

  • Can we see your game ball, please?

  • My watch/the game clock has the correct time, we will come for the captains in 15 minutes.

  • Is this a homecoming?

  • Will you be going in before kickoff?

  • Where will you go at halftime?

  • As you know we will expect good sportsmanship tonight.

  • Good luck, coach

  1. Continued use of videos and illustrations
  2. Off-side flank mechanics when play is sweep to other side.
  3. Common method for BJ to communicate to the flanks when they have the goal line.
  4. Review when to use beanbag.
  5. Review movement of flanks on pass plays. Read run-pass, then react.
  6. Reinforce that shorts are to be worn when it is hot, not when it is 60 degrees and raining.
  7. If sunglasses are no longer needed in a game, remove them completely. Do not place them on top of the hat or backwards on head.
  8. The umpire should move toward the ball immediately after a pass is thrown.
  9. Practice and implement good daisy chain mechanics. Someone go get the ball, and others fill in to relay the ball back.
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