Weekly Bull 7/25/07


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The Weekly Bull – 7/25/07


  1. Attendance

  2. Announcements

  3. Food For Thought

  4. Federation Qualification Exam Part I (Review 1st half)

  5. Adjourn 8:30


  1. New Contract – $1.00 increases at all levels. This is comparable to the southern section with the exception of freshman fees.  They get paid more  (same as JV) but work 3 man.  We will revisist the frosh fees next year as the pop warner fees are now approaching the frosh fees!  The new fees are listed on your game assignments.  Please fill out your vouchers with the proper amounts.

  2. Please comply and fill out any necessary IRS forms provided by the schools.

  3. Remember, recycle good used uniforms and auxiliary items to the 1st year class asap. They will begin buying new uniforms in August.

  4. Remember….. we are guests at the high schools when we use there dressing facilities. Best manners!! No smoking! They are asked to provide us with adequate dressing facilities.  Please leave them neat and clean!  If there is a problem with facilities call Coover!

  5. Also, we always represent the Association and its members when we are out in public. Please act in the most polite, appropriate manner at all times.  Sometimes our manners can be used to judge our abilities to officiate a good game.  If you were to offend a female school official or fan, the offended person would likely view officials (all officials) as rude and offensive.  This is just the way it is.  You wear a uniform and represent the Association at all times.  Do so with class, proper manners, and pride!

  6. Ed Zapolski attended the State Rules Interpreter meeting in Orange County and will have a report at the instructor´s meeting.

Food For Thought:

Forward Progress - Discussion Points by Tim Podraza


  1. Where is the ball when the play ended?

  2. The most forward position of the ball when the player is down

  3. Down in-bounds

  4. Out-of-bounds

  5. Use downfield foot

  6. Generally, we are criticized for not giving enough and rarely for giving too much – Be generous - even more on losses

Double Action

  1. Second Act

  2. Runner is down (knee) and he tries to do something else (extends ball)

  3. Be aware of double action, especially near the goal line

Runner Driven Back

1.      On player driven back, make sure he is wrapped up or controlled

  1. Runner must get turned back up field or give all progress

  2. Strong Legs – Does he have his legs?

  3. One-on-One (allow runner a chance to get away)

  4. Two-on-One (usually is controlled – give progress)

  5. Progress on stripped runner if progress is stopped

  6. Wind if driven back near sideline

Cross-field Mechanics

  1. Get progress from opposite official when runner is driven back

  2. Offside flank should have cross-field spot even when not needed

  3. If play is away – get downfield & have cross-field spot

  4. If sideline official is winding, the offside flank should have cross-field spot

Goal Line

  1. Be slow

  2. Anticipate held ball over goal line

Under 2 Minutes

  1. Make it what it is

  2. When in doubt he’s OB

  3. Goal line – work in advance of the ball. We have done a good job with this mechanic at the goal line.  It is also very effective in the field of play for the covering official to be at the line-to-gain in advance of the ball on key short yardage situations.  Hustle in if it’s close!  Stay way wide if the play is going toward the pylon….3-4 yards out-of-bounds!

  4. Remember, we get paid is a fair stipend for the services that we perform. All schools pay the same amount (8-man through Division 1). Good teams and bad teams.  Put forth the effort that all teams and players deserve.

  5. Blocks in back, clipping, blocks below waist….see the whole play before - during - and after. If not, don’t make the call.  You missed it.  Admit it and go on.  You’re much better off with a missed or no call than a guess at what turns out to be a marginal call.

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