Weekly Bull 8/1/07


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The Weekly Bull – 8/1/07


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  2. Announcements

  3. Food for Thought

  4. Mechanics Exam

  5. Adjourn 8:30


  1. Next meeting - Aug 15th – Rules Review (6-10)

  2. 1st & 2nd year and NCAA classes will meet next week Aug. 8th.

  3. How is your equipment? – Don’t wait to get it out and replace the damaged stuff! And don’t

forget to donate to the first year officials.

  1. Missing a bull, or looking for the meeting schedule, or needing a copy of the mechanics manual???

It’s all on the web! www.sdcfoa.org

  1. The board, on an annual basis, elects all officers of the board. Any member who is interested in

the positions of executive secretary, treasurer, assignment secretary, or instructional chair need to

communicate this in writing to our current executive secretary, Dick Brockett by October 13,


  1. The Sports Officials Hall of Fame Banquet will be held on September 25th at the Hall of Champions. Ken Flaherty, Don Clarkson are being inducted for football, as well as Mike McDonald for Baseball. Just as an aside Manny Gomes also a former football official is being inducted for Basketball. Cost $75 per person.  Call Deveney at 619 699.2313 to make a reservation.  Ask to be at the Football Officials table.  We are 3/4 sold out so act today.  – Bob Hood

  2. Carl Robbins is in need of blood donations. If you don't know Carl, he has been retired for 3-4 years and was a member for 30-some years.  He was a Board Member, a Crew Chief and, most

importantly, as a U he kept a young, new Crew Chief (Tom Ables) from screwing

up with his first crew in 1985.  Please donate at Kaiser Blood Donor Center, 6511 Mission Gorge Road, San Diego, CA   Phone number is 619-528-6555.   This is in the Vons shopping center in  front of Kaiser Hospital on Zion and  Mission Gorge.   You can call for appointment.  Please tell  them you are a football offficial and are donating in the name of Carl Robbins.

  1. Dan Inskeep, crew chief and NCAA referee, had recent surgery to remove a brain tumor. He has been discharged to Manor Care, 15632 Pomerado Rd, Poway, 858.485.5153 for some rehab.  It would be good for him to hear from some of his buds.

 Food For Thought:

  1. A couple of 2nd year guys were told last year, by Pop Warner referees, that you cannot were dark glasses under a clear and otherwise legal eye shield attached to the helmet. That is incorrect. The rulebook only addresses the eye shield attached to the helmet and states that the eye shield needs to be clear.  There is no rule that addresses dark glasses. Know your rules regarding equipment.  If the equipment is not addressed in the rulebook, then don’t make a “ruling.”

  2. From Referee Magazine – “Plays that involve actions or verbiage designed to confuse the defense into thinking that there is a problem and the snap is not imminent are illegal. Those plays include pretending the wrong ball is on the field or that a kicking tee is needed.” Also noted in the article is the use of a coaches yelling “hurry up, got off the field” in an attempt to trick the defense into thinking the player was coming off in a substitution.  Use the coaches pregame conference to shut this down.

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