Weekly Bull 8/15/07


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The Weekly Bull – 8/15/07


  1. Attendance

  2. Announcements

  3. Food For Thought

  4. Finish Federation Qualification Exam Part I (Review Rules 6-10)

  5. Adjourn 8:30


  1. Tie Breakers – Grossmont and South Bay will use them in all conference games where the teams are in the same division. The schools will know if they’re in the same division. – Rule of thumb: Be prepared to work them on all occasions BUT the coaches will have the last say on if we use it or not.

  2. Federation Qualification Exam Quiz – Next meeting - August 29th - Good luck!

  3. 1st year, 2nd year and NCAA will meet next week August 22.

  4. I want to remind all officials of the importance of checking into Arbiter almost daily. There are 46 guys who have not signed in to Arbiter since before the Assignments went out on 8/9.  20 have not been in since July. There are assignments that have been published but not accepted.  Also, ACCEPT must be clicked.  There are a lot off assignments that guys looked at but did not accept.  ..Declined games (turn-back) are subject to a $10 turn-back fee.

  5. Get out your equipment and check it. Scrimmages are in two weeks!  You want to look good out there.  And don’t forget to start some running and a fitness routine of some sort.  Fatigue makes us look bad, and an overweight official is at a disadvantage right off the bat when the coach sees you before the game.

Food For Thought:

From the NFL – Mike Pereira, Larry Upson, Johnny Greer, Rohit Punj – “Qualities the NFL Looks For:”

  1. Accuracy and Consistency:

    • Officiating Accuracy:

      1. Make accurate calls and no-calls

      2. Correctly enforces penalties

    • Consistency:

      1. Consistent calls from game to game

  1. Fitness and Appearance:

    • Fitness

      1. Maintains necessary physical fitness to perform officiating duties

    • Appearance

      1. Maintains an athletic appearance

      2. Wears a clean and neat league uniform

  1. Field Presence:

    • Decisiveness:

      1. Makes straightforward or easy to make calls quickly, and firmly

      2. Takes necessary time before making a difficult call

    • Professionalism:

      1. Respects and interacts with coaches, players, media, stadium personnel, etc.

      2. Makes precise signals when communicating

  • Uses whistles and flags effectively

  • Game Oversight:

    1. Displays an awareness of game status and changes

    2. Performs preventative officiating to facilitate game flow

  • Provides steady, efficient pace during game

  1. Effectively communicates call announcements

  1. Rules and Philosophy:

    • Thoroughly understands and can correctly apply rules relevant to position

    • Understands and can competently apply rules

  2. Officiating Mechanics and Procedures:

    • Performs pre-snap position mechanics confidently, precisely and consistently

    • Follows play mechanics (after snap) deliberately, and consistently

    • Can execute correct mechanics when crew is short

  3. Personal Qualities:

    • Strives for improvement:

      1. Demonstrates objectivity when assessing or discussing own performance and areas for improvement

      2. Works to improve performance

  • Comes prepared for all position and crew meetings/conversations

  • Leads by example:

    1. Meets or exceeds most performance standards and works to improve performance in areas where standards are not met

    2. Works to make crew members better by sharing experience

  • Image and Integrity:

    1. Earnestly and completely follows guidelines concerning behavior and professionalism

    2. Maintains utmost integrity

Next meeting we will discuss our ratings criteria and you will see a straight correlation between these two sets of officiating standards!

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