Weekly Bull 9/12/07


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The Weekly Bull – 9/12/07


  1. Attendance/Announcements/Food For Thought: 7:00 – 7:35

  2. Mechanics Presentations 7:45 – 8:30

          Referee – Steve Coover (305)

          Umpire – Dave Fleischman (402)

          Head linesman/Line Judge – Danny Short / Tom Ables (401)

          Back judge – Cal Evans (306)

  1. Adjourn 8:30


  1. From the Executive Secretary to the membership - any certified official not wanting to appear on the election ballot should let Dick Brockett know.

  2. Anyone who needs to be excused from the attendance or test requirement must make a written application to the board via the Executive Secretary no later than the February board meeting.

  3. Anyone interested in attending a dinner to celebrate the career of Ed Burke, recently retired coach at Torrey Pines HS on Sept. 29th please let Steve Coover know tonight! Cost of the dinner is $60 and the location will be the La Jolla Marriott on La Jolla Village Dr.  Coover will provide printed information and order the tix if you are interested.

  4. Congratulations on the following nominations for the California State Championship Bowl Games in December:

Cal Evans – Referee

Ali Shatula – Umpire

John Downing – HL

Ed Zapolski – LJ

Clay Reynard Jr. – BJ

We will know by banquet time if any/all have been selected to work the game.  Congratulations all!

  1. Instructors should notify officials if they are lagging in attendance or have to make up tests not passed or taken.

Food For Thought:

  1. Halftime – Please use your diplomatic skills in negotiating the length of the halftime. If the coaches want 15 + 3 then give it to them.  The default is 12+3.  JV can also be 10+3 if the coaches want.  The default on JV would be 7 + 3.  Clear as mud!!??

  2. Reports back from coaches are all positive. Especially strong is our communication with the sidelines and that we’re “letting them play!”

  3. K punts from mid field. Ball goes beyond LOS and bounces untouched back behind LOS where K caches ball after it bounces to him. All players come to a stop. Team R jogs off of field. Referee tells other officials not to blow the whistle because it is still a live ball (a rookie was at HL). Hearing this, the R player w/ the ball starts running toward his opponents GL. Seeing this, team R runs after him attempting to tackle him at the B4 where K fumbles w/ R recovering ball at B5 and downing it there. During K's run, R22 fouled at the B20.R did NOT recover ball w/ clean hands; the scrimmage kick turned into a running play w/ basic spot at the B4 (end of K's run) where bean bag was placed. Answer:?A's ball, 1st?& goal at B2 after administering R's fould half the distance from the basic spot. Clock starts on the snap due to kick and change of possession.

  4. In pre game discussion w/ coach over special plays, coach says offense coordinator has a play he wants to run. QB takes hand-to-hand snap, backs up placing ball in his LEFT hand, fakes spiking the ball w/ his RIGHT hand, then bootlegs around for a run. Crew wouldn't let the coach run the play due to intent to deceive. Any input? This happened in a college game, but it certainly could apply to a high school game.

  5. Most missed questions from the qualification exam – 17, 32, 35, 44, 50, 56, 59, 62, 67, 93, 94

  6. What is the ruling on a sweep to the right and the running back turns and throws the ball back across the field to offensive tackle #77 who has faded back into the backfield so that he is behind the line of scrimmage?

Bull 9 12 07
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