Weekly Bull 9/26/07


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The Weekly Bull – 9/26/07


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  1. Reminder - take your game information with you to the games. This assures you that you are at the correct site, time and date, but also that you know who hasn't shown up yet and you have the phone numbers! 

  2. If you haven't been paid in two weeks after working a high school game please contact Ables.

  3. We continue to do exam make ups. Come to room 402 and get your exam done in your own classroom!  Otherwise, exam & Attendance “Make-Ups” will be Thursday November 7 at 6:30 p.m. Room 402

Food For Thought:

  1. Fly Sweep – Many teams try to contain the fly sweep by having the corner force the play inside. So where is the key block?  On the corner?  Probably not!  Most likely it is on the outside linebacker who is usually being blocked by a slot receiver.  Referees and BJ can be of great assistance on this point of attack block.  Please consider that the slot receiver may have a superior blocking angle and thus would be hard-pressed to be called for holding.  Remember, holding occurs when someone is beat, not when the action is neutral.  Also, the fly sweep may move quickly beyond the outside linebacker thus you might say the play has already gone passed that block (not advantage).  Great philosophy, but…. Consider that the runner may be turned back inside by the corner thus giving the inside linebacker an opportunity to catch up to the runner from and inside out chase.  Much to consider on the good ‘ol fly sweep.  When in doubt…. Not a foul!!

  2. “A” has the ball on B’s 30 yard line. Third and ten.  A1 drops back to pass and is hit and fumbles at the B 42.  Beanbag dropped at the 42.  In an attempt to recover the loose ball, B1 illegally bats the ball at the 50 yard line toward A’s goal line.  The ball goes out of bonds at the “A”45 yard line without being possessed.  What is the enforcement spot? Spot of foul?  Spot of fumble (bean bag)?  Previous spot?  Penalty yardage? Rule Reference 10.3.1.c Also see note 7

  3. Are we consistent with adornment? Torrey Pines had one inch bands around their biceps. Coach said other crews let them wear them because they were sweat bands.....also  a Torrey player had a knee brace like I never saw before I missed it during pregame but my umpire caught it during the game had a very hard plastic piece that was just below the knee and in front....made him leave game to get it padded. Just though I would pass this on – Zap

  4. Kick off. R possesses the ball and advances, is hit, and fumbles.  K recovers and advances uncontested to the end zone.  An official has a whistle and is holding a spot at the location of K's recovery, stating "it's dead, you can't advance a kick."  Except it wasn't a kick anymore

  5. The "Pop Warner always inbounds" philosophy is unfortunately alive and well, and even creeping into freshmen and varsity games. If a runner's progress is not stopped inbounds prior to his going OOB, or if he deliberately goes out of bounds, the clock should be stopped.  To wind the clock, regardless of the action, deprives players and coaches of time they earned and brings our integrity into question. 

  6. One report has the officials keeping the time was kept on the field. The 1st qtr seemed very quick, so the reporting official timed the second.  He got 6:52 on his watch when the official on the field had 10 minutes.  That's a third less time!  At this same official’s PW games Saturday night, he kept a legitimate clock and the longest any of the games went was 1:37.  This "Pop Warner always wind" stuff in creeping into freshman games and even from fill-ins on varsity crews, from new guys and veterans.

  7. Swinging gate mechanics – What do we do when they kick out of the swinging gate initial formation?

  8. Questions from the qualification exam:

  #29 - If during the last time down of the first period the Team A coach commits an unsportsmanlike foul, the period must be extended. Key Answer: "F" (3-3-3-a).

   #30 - If during the last timed down of a period a non-player foul occurs and the penalty is accepted, the period is extended with an untimed down.  Key Answer: "F" (2-32-10; 3-3-3-a) - The rules says "except for unsportsmanlike fouls, non-player fouls..."  Question: So mechannically, we would give the pleminiary signal, mark off the foul, re-set the box/chains (if needed) and then do change of Quarter (flip ends of field).

    #38 - A field goal may not be scored if the kick touches the ground before passing through the goal.  Key Answer: "T" (8-4-1-b). "A field goal is scored as follows: a.  The field goal attempt shall be a place kick or a drop kick from scrimmage ...." Question:  Under 2-24-6 -  drop kick is a legal kick by a player who drops the ball and kicks it when it touches the ground or as it is rising from the ground......  

  1. Professionalism – Watch your words and don’t loose your cool. If you must, walk away and don’t get into it.  Don’t get baited.

  2. Finally, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, when in doubt, don’t make the call. There are many, many more problems when you throw the flag then when you don’t.

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