Weekly Bull 10/10/18

No Meeting This Week – We will in two (2) weeks 10/24 at Mira Mesa HS.  Final elections will be held in all certified classes.

No Make-Up Meeting This Year – Due to the change of schedule there will not be any make-up meeting this year.  If you still need to make up a test, please do so at the 10/24 meeting.  If you end up one meeting short, I will give generous credit to any and all clinics you attended.  If you are still just one meeting short, I will assume you were going to attend the make-up meeting and give you credit.  If it’s more than this you will need to write an email to the board sent to me (Coover) and I’ll forward your request for a one-year waiver.

From the President:

Fellow Officials,

We have received numerous contacts/questions regarding some flyers being placed on car windshields at football related events.  These flyers deal with a former SDCFOA official who was injured while officiating a high school game.  This former official has subsequently sued a player, school, and school district for damages.  These flyers are being distributed by the player, and or his representatives, who is named in this lawsuit.

Like all of us, this former official was working as an independent contractor, rather than an employee, or agent of the SDCFOA.  Due to this, the SDCFOA Board of Directors has no official position on this matter.  If contacted, please make no comments and refer all inquiries to either myself, or Steve Coover.


Mark Lindsay,

President, SDCFOA 

Catch/Recovery – Be slow!  Good example in the video this week of quickly judging possession and the ball subsequently continuing to be loose. These plays call for demonstrated control of the ball.

Counting Offense and Defense –Primary responsibility for counting the offense lies with the Referee with back up by the Umpire.  Primary responsibility for counting the defense lies with the Back Judge with support from the Line Judge.  Every play!  If we miss even one, there is no explanation possible.  Be consistent.  Thank you.

Flanks Pre-snap Signaling – Remember we are signaling the location of the widest player on the LOS.  If the widest player on your side is a tight end, so be it, he is your widest receiver and would require no signal as he should be on the LOS.  You would just acknowledge the opposite flanks signal if he/she has one.

Ball Mechanics – I’m liking what I see from our umpires!  You are making your crews more effective and more professional looking with your hustle.  The game tempos have improved and our referees are more in charge of the tempo.  Thank you for your hustle and hard work umpires!!

More on the Umpire – In addition to the hustle we’re seeing, the umpires are now more involved in the game due  to their pivoting following all passes.  This week we ruled a completion down the center of the field but the Umpire had a perfect view of the ball moving after the receiver hit the ground.  The umpire raced downfield and sold the incomplete pass ruling.  This week’s instructional video proves it was a correct call. 

Back Judges – Stay Involved and Active – Are you helping get the old ball out on all free kicks and punts?  This allows the umpire to focus on getting the new ball via the ball boys, flanks, or sideline (hopefully not the center!).  BJ’s should also be involved in every major penalty by either holding a spot or covering a flag.  Every major penalty!!!

Disciplining Officials – The SDCDOA will not discipline officials by removing them from their scheduled games for errors in judgment or implementation of the rules.  A mistake like that must be learned from and removing officials from the game would take away a critical opportunity to learn and show improvement.  The Association does have the right to implement progressive discipline should a member’s character and/or behavior become a concern for the association, schools, teams and players. 

CIF Finals Crews are Announced – Congratulations to all who have been sent emails this week announcing their selection to work one of the six CIF Championship Games.  There will be several more CIF Semifinal crews announced soon.  If you are one of the on-field officials (not timers or chain crew) you are expected to attend the 7-Man Mechanics Meeting scheduled for Wednesday November 14th at Mira Mesa HS at 7:00pm. The Open Division semifinal will be played on Friday November 9th, in advance of this meeting.  The two crews working those games will be asked to meet on their own in advance of this game to go through “Soup-to-Nuts” of 7-Man Mechanics.  You will then meet on Wednesday November 14th with the rest of us before you work your championship game on Saturday November 17th.  The 8-Man Championships (considered a tournament) will be working 5-man mechanics and will also meet on their own to discuss their mechanics and the nuances of the 8-man rules. 

Refreshments – If you are thirsty at halftime of any game, be prepared to pay for your halftime refreshments.  They are not part of the game fee or our contract with the CIF.  So, PLEASE, don’t assume that you get refreshments.  Comments like, “Make sure it’s one of the cold Gatorades” can easily be interpreted as arrogant and demanding.  Remember, these funds are used to pay for school athletics and we are being offered something that is taking money from their profits.  Thank you! 

Never Re-Assign Yourself and Keep Your Availability Current – If you are unable to work an assignment, never re-assign the game yourself!  Turn the game back in by declining in arbiter or call Tom or your youth assignor.  Only our assignors can assign games. Period!  Update your availability as playoff games are coming up.

Clock Awareness – We are doing much better as an association.  The quality of the timers provided to us does make a huge difference to the game but we must continue to be vigilant in immediately checking the status of the clock right after signaling.  The covering official(s) may need to complete their dead ball officiating until the colors separate before also checking the status of the clock.  Keep up the great work!

From Earl Totty, Jeff Phillips, and Tyler Lindsay – A great big “Thank You!” to all the youth and freshman referees who work with our first-year officials for extending our instruction program out onto the field.  You do a great job of giving time and instruction to the rookies and we deeply appreciate the extra time you donate to our newest members.  Thank you for your patience and proper guidance.

October 10 2018
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