Weekly Bull 10/17/18

THE SDCFOA WEEKLY BULL – October 17, 2018

No Meeting This Week – Prepare each day this week.  Review a rule for your crew.  Study the Instructional Video and this Bull.  Stay fit and healthy.  Scout your teams and organize yourself and the crew for all logistics.

Meetings and Tests – Officials who have not met the requirements for meetings or tests must write a letter/email to the board describing why they should be considered for a one-year exemption from the requirements and be eligible for the draft.  The letter/email should be sent to Steve Coover who will present it to the board.  Check your attendance and make up any tests at our final meeting NEXT WEEK 10/24.

Thunder and Lightning – Great job by all of our crews and crew chiefs as we survived a Friday night of lightning and thunder.  Thank you to the school administrators who stepped up in each case to assist in the implementation of the NFHS Lightning Protocol and the determination of the game status and finalization of all games whether made up or not.  Without on-site administration, we could not answer the big questions of the night, “What do we do now?”  Thank you, crew chiefs, for your proper implementation of the protocol.  It was clear to the CIF Commissioners that we did, indeed, know the proper steps to take.  Well done, everyone!

Banquet Stories – Our Banquet will be on November 7th and we need stories.  See Bob Hood or email him your video or story of our fun-loving mistakes from the 2018 season.  We need a few more!!  Also, remember to attend as you’ve already paid for your dinner when you paid your dues!  The banquet will start at 6:00pm and will again be at the Anchors Catering and Conference Center at the intersection of W. Division St. and Norman Scott Rd.  Take the Division St. off ramp from Highway 5 South in National City.

It’s Game Check Weekend! -  This weekend, October 18-20, will be game check weekend.  Game Check Weekend has provided a total of over $15,000 over the past two years.  This allowed us to fund the student scholarships we provided at our General Meeting.  I think you could tell the recipients, and their families who were in attendance, were extremely honored to have received this award. We want to do it again so we have set a fund raising goal of $7,500.  Last year virtually every single crew was represented and many, many individuals contributed.  Remember:  The SDYFF will buy the crew who contributes the most during this weekend a full crew dinner after your game on October 26th, up to $30/official!   Strive to be the best, and we’ll take care of your dinner that night!! This is our Associations gift back to the football community, and we all need to be a part of that effort. You can donate as a crew or individually at the website, or bring/mail your donation to Jake Minger or Mike Downing at our next meeting on 10/24.

Golf Tournament – SOLD OUT! – This year’s golf tournament is now officially sold out.  Congratulations and “Thank you!”  BUT – We do have the option of adding up to 3 additional foursomes.  Hurry and sign up at the website below. The tournament will take place on Wednesday, November 7th at Riverwalk GC in Mission Valley.  Shotgun start at 11:00am.  For more info and to check on last minute cancellations contact Ed Blick, Mike Downing, or Jake Minger.  Go on-line to check out the details at www.sandiegoyouthfootballfund.org

CIF San Diego Section Playoff Dates – Planning ahead?  Here are the dates:

Friday November 2nd – First Round for Divisions I, II, III, IV and V (OPEN Division BYE)

Friday November 9th – Quarterfinals for Divisions I, II, III, IV and V (Open Division Semifinals)

Friday November 16 – Semifinals for Divisions I, II, III, IV and V

Saturday November 17 – Open Division Finals at Southwestern College

Friday November 23 – Finals for Divisions II, IV at Southwestern College

Friday November 23 – Finals for Division V at TBA

Saturday November 24 – Finals for Divisions I and III at Southwestern College

California State Bowl Championships

Friday and Saturday November 31 and December 1 – Regional Championships

Friday and Saturday December 7 and December 8 – State Championships at Cerritos College

CIF Championship Passes – We will again be selling the $5 passes which will allow you access to all CIF Championship Games on that specific date.  If you want to attend the Championships for more than one date, then you’ll need to by two passes ($10).  Regular costs are double, or triple that depending on the day.  Passes will be on sale at the Banquet on 11/7. Our SDCFOA pass will not work for the CIF Championship games starting with the 1st round on 11/2.

CIF Championship Parking – No reserved parking at Southwestern College again this year.  I believe the cost will be $7.00 again.  You can drop off goods or officials near the front entrance of the stadium, but parking is on your own.  Be prepared!

Playoff Fees – Official in the preliminary rounds and the semifinals will be paid by the schools and charged to game expenses.  Officials working the CIF Championships (finals only) will be paid by the CIF directly.  Here is a list of the playoff fees:

Preliminary and Semifinal Rounds (paid by schools):

Referee                        $82.00

Other Officials            $80.00

CIF Championships (paid by CIF directly):

Referee                        $92.00

Other Officials            $92.00

Chain Crew:

Semifinals (paid by schools)               $46.00

CIF Championships (paid by CIF)     $51.00

CIF Championship Crews (subject to last second changes)


Referee – Jeff Phillips

Umpire – Fletcher Calvrt

HL – Zack Marble

LJ – Matt Starr

FJ – Tyler Lindsay

SJ – Jace Carlson

BJ – Joe Magnuson

Division I

Referee – Earl Totty

Umpire – Jay Drewry

HL – Louie Avalos

LJ – Michael Duggan

FJ – Brian Mills

SJ – Brian Bortness

BJ – Bill Hammett

Division II

Referee – Scott Countryman

Umpire – Sam Totah

HL – Blake Peter

LJ – David Hardage

FJ – Tony Sands

SJ – Gary Gittelson

BJ – Justin Allen

Division III

Referee – Dave Garza

Umpire – Steve James

HL – Jake Wittler

LJ – Ollon Carter

FJ – Chad Murphy

SJ – Jason Godfrey

BJ – Michael Harvey

Division IV

Referee – Ed Zapolski

Umpire – Ron Ragan

HL – Nathan Thernes

LJ – Brandon Chavez

FJ – David Collins

SJ – Derrick Vassar

BJ – Glen Inigo

Division V - **Imperial Valley Officials

Referee – Kevin Haws

Umpire – John McDade

**HL – Nathan Binkinz

**LJ – Mike Garcia

**FJ – Jessie Jackson

**SJ – Glen Walker

BJ – Justin Joseph

October 17 2018
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