Weekly Bull 7/18/18


Weekly Bull – The Weekly “Bull” is one of our most important means of communication and instruction. The Bull dates back as far as I can remember (no jokes about my memory!) and continues to be used on a weekly basis today. Each week you are expected to read the Weekly Bull and incorporate the on-field elements into your pre-game weekly preparation. On weeks where we have a regular meeting, we will discuss (back-and-forth) but you are still responsible for pre-reading its contents during the week as we will review most of it quite quickly.

1st Year and 2nd Year Classes – You will meet this Wednesday 7/18 with your regular class (Earl Totty Room B-2 or Don Carey Room B-15).  You do not attend the Position Clinic for line of scrimmage officials…meet with your regular class – always. 

Clinic for All Line of Scrimmage Officials (and any other interested and certified official) – All officials are asked to attend at least one clinic, preferably the clinic for your primary position. This week will be the clinic for all Head Linesmen and Line Judges. This Wednesday, July 18th at 7:00 pm at Mira Mesa High School (in the Theater!). Instructor will Scott Reilly from the Big 12 Conference.  The presentation is designed for all current line of scrimmage officials but all certified official are more than welcome to attend.  All 1st year, 2nd year classes must meet in their regular classrooms and will not attend this session. 

Just To Be Clear About Bob D’Angelo! – My joke about our beloved Bob D”Angelo was totally in fun!  I realized afterwards that new officials may not know my good friend, and thus may not have fully understood.  Bob D’Angelo is one of our veteran, and best, officials.  He is currently one of our finest umpires, but he is also a former Athletic Director, Football Coach and Crew Chief!  We all learn from, and enjoy working games with Bob.  Just wanted to put the record straight.  Love you, Bob!

Reminders from Mike Carey – Here are a few of Mike’s words from his 2016 presentation to our association.  I’m sure you’ll find them still relevant for your goal setting this year!

  • Improvement comes with hard work. There are no short cuts.

  • You must have a passion for the game – otherwise the hard work is too hard.

  • We must support each other and work hard on behalf of our fellow officials and our crew.

  • It’s all about the 2 hours on the field. Be prepared…then enjoy it! 

Correction to Mechanics Manual - Page 8 Game Clock and Game Clock Operator
Our first of many corrections…on page 8 it states..." REFEREE will have the 25-Second Play clock. LINE JUDGEs are encouraged to use Ready Ref-NFHS Timer...”  Correct mechanics are:

4-Man Mechanics – Referee will have the 25-Second Play Clock and Line Judge keeps the game clock.

5-Man Mechanics – Back Judge will have the 25-second Play Clock and Line Judge (same) keeps the game clock.

*** The officials responsible for the 25-Second Play Clock (Referee in 4-Man and Back Judge in 5-Man) are encouraged to use a Ready Ref NFHS Timer. – Sorry about that.

Ineligibles Downfield – Please re-read the rules on this foul.  Line of scrimmage officials who are away from the play are also required to assist when there is an obvious foul for IDP.  Start with Rule 2 (always) 2-28-1 and 2-28-2 on page 33.  Then read Rule 7-5-12 on page 63.  Note the major difference on what is allowable depending on whether the offensive lineman immediately contacts a B lineman, or the offensive lineman just releases and goes beyond the line of scrimmage (not expanded in this case).  I am going over this rule with all coaches in the pre-season meetings.

Other Rules to Study – All of them…ha ha!  But the most missed questions from the Study Guide are: #s 5, 9, 15, 23, 30, 32, 36, 39, 41, 45, 46, 52, 53, 54, 62, 63, 69.  Less than 70% got the correct answer.  Can you determine why?

HUDL Video – New officials, we are extensive users of video and have chosen the HUDL software for this purpose.  The HUDL video can be found at www.hudl.com.  If you are new to HUDL, you will be sent an email message from HUDL which will allow you to log in and then will direct you to change the temporary password.  You will be receiving a weekly instructional video with 12-20 plays.  It is expected that you watch and study each weekly instructional video.

San Diego Youth Fund Scholarships – Thank you to the scholarship committee led by Jake Minger and Mike Downing. We are doing incredible work highlighted by our financial support to those in need.  Great job SDCFOA!Thank You! – The SDCFOA would not function as a professional organization without the services of all who volunteer their time.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!:

The Board – Mark Lindsay, President; Greg Covington, President-Elect; Mike Andrews, Terry Bernard, Brian Bortness, Scott Carroll, Jimmy Christensen, Jon Cima, Mike Duggan, Dave Garza, Kevin Haws, John McDade, Matt Starr.

Bob Hood – Banquet Chair and merchandising.

Instructors - (1st Year) Earl Totty, Jeff Phillips, Tyler Lindsay, (2nd Year) Don Carey, Jimmy Christensen, Ed Blick, (Certified) Ed Zapolski, Zack Marble, Jay Drewry, Kevin Haws, Mike Downing, Gary Gittelson, David Sibbet, Mike Lemieux, Dave Garza, Robin House, Mike Duggan, Brian Bortness.

Mechanics Committee - Mike Duggan (Chair), Mike Andrews, Louie Avalos, Brian Bortness, Scott Carroll, Jimmy Christensen, Mark Lindsay (President).

Scott Carroll - Mechanics and Philosophies Manual. 

Zack Marble – Calibration and the use of Kahoot.it.

Crew Chiefs – Mike Allen, Mike Andrews, Terry Bernard, Robert Bezverkov, Brian Bortness, Darrin Bronk, Jace Carlson, Jimmy Christensen, Rick Christensen, Jon Cima, Scott Countryman, Greg Covington, Mike Downing, Jay Drewry, Bob Duggan, Mike Duggan, Dave Garza, Gary Gittelson, Craig Gustafson, David Hardage, Kevin Haws, Bob Hood, Robin House, Mike Lemieux, Tyler Lindsay, Zack Marble, Brian Mills, Blake Morgan, Jeff Phillips, Ted Schiess, David Sibbet. Earl Totty, Nick Williams, Jacob Wittler, Ed Zaplolski.

July 18 2018
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