Weekly Bull 7/31/13

Bonus Meeting This Wednesday 7/31 – Along with the regularly scheduled meetings for the 1st and 2nd year (transfer) officials, there will be a “Bonus Meeting” for all Back Judges and anyone interested in learning more about the Back Judge position.  Again, Manuel Alonzo will be leading the instruction which will start on the field at West Hills HS starting at 7:00 pm.  1st and 2nd year classes will meet in their regular classrooms. 

San Diego Youth Football Fund – The SDCFOA received well deserved national recognition for our youth football fund and efforts to support the youth who play this great game.  http://naso.org/email/LockeRroom/2013/0713B.html 

We are proud to sponsor these scholarships and assist student-athletes, and their families, who’ve suffered serious injury as a result of playing football.  Officials and coaches should keep this fund in mind for scholarship opportunities at the end of the season as well as financial assistance to families of injured players.  Contact me and I will get you to the right person immediately.

Ineligibles Downfield – Although this is seldom and issue, we must be ready for this (mostly on broken plays, or screen passes beyond the LOS).  Umpire is responsible for reading the play (and hopefully recognizing screen/draw plus pass or run).  In the play we viewed last week, the umpire has primary responsibility, but the “off” official can be of assistance.  Officiating when the play goes away from you is even MORE COMPLEX than when the ball comes your way.  You have MORE to observe!  A broader area with more opportunities for a wide variety of live and dead ball fouls.  Be a great “off” official!  Don’t relax when the ball goes away, focus even more!

Fouls Involving Ineligibles Downfield – Just Ineligibles downfield? – 5 yard previous spot.  Ineligibles blocking down field and the ball is thrown beyond the LOS into their area? – OPI 15 yards previous spot (no loss of down anymore).  Ineligibles downfield and the ball is thrown beyond the LOS and the ineligibles catch/bat/muff the pass? – Illegal Touching – 5 yard spot of foul plus loss of down!

Common Signs, Symptoms or Behaviors Consistent with Concussion – “A player shall be replaced…when…Any player who exhibits signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with a concussion (such as loss of consciousness, headache, dizziness, confusion or balance problems) shall be immediately removed from the game and shall not return.”  Remember, observe and report to the referee.  Be patient and deliberate in your report.  This has proven to be an easy call and one that is obvious to ALL including coaches and trainers.  Be unemotional and under control when reporting ANY disqualification of a player.  These are important “observations” and one can question the official if he is “hyper” or “emotional” about the call.  Gather to report and confirm with the referee before announcing anything!

Illegal Personal Contact – In high school football we have a variety of illegal personal contact fouls which must be enforced….but there is no new foul for “targeting” like there is in the NFL and NCAA.  Do not use the term “targeting”.  We have the following terms that can and should be used:

Charging into a player who is obviously out of the play or after the ball is clearly dead either in or out of bounds.

Pile on any player who is lying on the ground

Initiate illegal helmet contact (butt block, face tackle or spear)

Make any other contact with an opponent which is deemed unnecessary and which incites roughness

These are just a subset of all of the Illegal personal contact fouls found on pages 69 & 70 of the rule book.  Please use these rules/terms to observe player action….not the terms used on TV on Saturdays and Sundays!!!!

Editorial Errors - During Jake Minger’s rules study and review, he came across an editorial "mistake" in the 2013 rule book.  In Rule 10, Enforcement of Penalties, SECTION 1 ART.6 (page 75), the book shows "loss of down" for OPI and ART.7 "automatic first down" for DPI.  This is incorrect.  As you have studied in the new rule changes for 2013 and in the rule book 7-5-10 Penalty; Table 7-5, there is no more loss of down penalty for OPI and no more automatic 1st down for DPI.  Great job, Jake!

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