Weekly Bull 8/14/13

Special “Bonus Meeting” for Umpires – This “bonus meeting” will be this Wednesday August 14th starting at 7:00pm on the field at West Hills.  Garth DeFelice, NFL Umpire and PAC 12 Position Mentor, will be the presenter.  Each participant will get on-the-field instruction plus two handouts prepared by Garth just for this event.  Umpires, don’t miss this opportunity!  Crew chiefs are also invited!

The 1st Year Class Needs You! – Please bring in your 1” striped shirts and donate them to the 1st year class so they won’t have to purchase two shirts in two years.  Drop them off with Coover, Jeff Phillips, or in room S8 where the 1st year officials meet.  If umpires want to bring them tomorrow to the “bonus meeting” we can donate them tomorrow night!!

Important Memo From NFHS – “NOCSAE helmet standards are specific to models which are identical in all aspects, except as to size.  The testing required to support the certification is also specific to the model being certified.  NOCSAE standards require that any change in configuration, padding, shell geometry, or protective system requires a new model designation with separate certification testing.  The addition of after-market items by anyone that changes or alters the protective system by adding or deleting protective padding to the inside or outside of the helmet, or which changes or alters the geometry of the shell or adds mass to the helmet, whether temporary or permanent, voids the certification of compliance with the NOCSAE standards.”

What this means to the officials is that all players must wear a helmet and face mask which met the NOCSAE test standard at the time of manufacture and/or a reconditioner’s certification indicating satisfaction of NOCSAE test standards.  If a player is wearing a product that has been added to the exterior or interior of the helmet to make the helmet safer, the NOCSAE standard is voided.  This is no longer a legal helmet.

New Penalty Enforcement Option for Kick Catching Interference – If a kicker interferes with the receiver on a punt play, the receiving team may accept the result of the play, a 15 yard penalty from the previous spot and a replay of the down, or an awarded fair catch after enforcement of a 15-yard penalty from the spot of the foul.  Referees must be clear with the head coach on all three options.  You may give the suspected “best option” first to the head coach if you wish, but do not suppose what their decision will be.  Be ready for any one of the three choices.

And They Have One More Option!!! – Just as it has always been, if the receiving team accepts the penalty for Kick Catching Interference, and they choose the awarded fair catch plus the 15 yard penalty, the offense has the option of putting the ball in play by a free kick which is scored as a successful field goal should the free kick go through the uprights and over the crossbar.  Although I’ve never seen this play in my officiating or playing career, it has happened.  Some are guessing that this rule change will greatly increase the odds of this happening.  Referees shall not include this opportunity in the options as I believe it may be confusing to the coach.  Just give the three options listed above.  If the coach asks about this option then, of course, go through it in detail.

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