Weekly Bull 8/7/13


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The Weekly Bull – 8/7/13


  1. Sign in and Attendance

  2. Announcements

  3. Food For Thought

  4. San Diego Section CIF Varsity Level Tie Breaker

  5. Film Study

  6. Mechanics Exam

  7. Adjourn 8:30


  1. Even though regular/certified officials can meet at Cathedral HS or at West Hills this week, we will be having an Instructor’s meeting at 6:15 at West Hills and a crew chief meeting right after at 6:30.

  2. All 1st year and 2nd year officials must meet in their regular classrooms at West Hills.

  3. Scrimmages are two weeks away! You want to look good out there so keep up your fitness routine and update your uniform and equipment.

  4. Attendance has been very good so far. Keep it up.  The assignors will be checking attendance after this meeting.  If you are not attending, you will not be given games!

  5. The Mechanics exam is a common sense exam. This year we are focusing on common sense philosophies, 5-man and 4-man.  No 3-man or 2-man even though you loved those questions!  Good luck and I hope you all enjoy.

  6. Keep your availability current! The number of “turnbacks” reflects on your professionalism!  Update your availability, NOW!

  7. Facebook, twitter, Instagram. Etc. – My recommendation is that you keep your officiating off of any social media and keep your social media squeaky clean.

  8. Interested in becoming an NCAA official? The requirements are that you have been a high school official for five years (working at the high school level for 5 years) and you are rated in the top 50% of all certified officials on the Association end-of-year ratings report.

Food For Thought:

  1. Reminder, the San Diego CIF Tie Breaker is mandatory for all varsity games in San Diego County CIF (varsity level only!). There are no options.  Any varsity game for any sized division (D1 – DV) must use the 25-yardline tiebreaker when the game ends in a tie score at the end of regulation. The result will be a win or a loss.

  2. Adornment – Stop it early….even at the scrimmage. Point it out to the head coach and let them know it won’t be allowed….this includes face painting or excessive eye shade.  Play cards must be on the wrist, not on the belt. Bring back any equipment issues to our meetings or call Coover for clarification.

  3. Managing a Blowout – Although we never officiate the score, we can do some things in concert with the coaches to help with shortening a game that is completely one sided. We can definitely slow our tempo down and now hurry to get the ball in play.  We can make sure that all calls are important safety or unsportsmanlike fouls, not simple procedural fouls, and we can continue to work with coaches and players to keep the game sportsmanlike.

  4. Video of Individuals – When I select a play from a game that I believe will help our officiating, it is discomforting to hear disrespectful comments about the individual caught on video. All of these officials are great officials who may have worked a bad play.  Let’s keep this a wholesome and productive discussion of the mechanics, rules and judgments needed by our teams each week.  Be kind to your fellow officials.  Thank you!

  5. Player Goes Out of Bounds – Just a reminder that our mechanics do not call for the flank official to drop their hat when a player goes out of bounds. You only throw your flag when the player comes back illegally.  This is a spot foul so you throw your flag at the spot he re-enters.

  6. Helmet Comes Off – If a helmet comes of due to a foul which causes the helmet to come off (grabbing the facemask) can the player put the helmet back on quickly and continue to participate. Answer is NO. 

CONSISTENCY – How do we get it and keep it? Preparation, Knowledge, and Concentration

Preseason Preparation

  • Rules study is a must, how else can you speak to a coach with confidence.

  • Learn from video – be objective and honest with yourself. Watch others who are respected.

  • Get physically fit! Are you ready for 4 quarters plus overtime? After a JV game? And it’s hot!

  • Have you set personal goals? Set crew goals?

Pregame Preparation

  • Continue to study rules during the week.

  • Equipment/uniform packed. Game site and times confirmed. Driving, traffic, and parking?

  • Prepare for the pregame and/or speak with your crew chief and fellow officials once during the week.

  • Conduct your own pregame BEFORE coming to the game so you have prepared yourself.

  • Advance your crew’s pregame each week – What have we done well? Where can we improve? What haven’t we seen yet?

Pre-Snap Preparation

  • What is your pre-snap routine? It’s different for each position…have you developed your own?  Have you borrowed one from someone else?

  • Pre-Snap begins with the previous dead ball period. Be a great dead ball official!

  • Don’t be in a hurry to chase the ball. Make sure you’ve completed your dead ball officiating.

  • Know your ball mechanics for returning the ball or obtaining a new ball when you’re ready.

  • Know the status of the clock. The crew must check the clock during each dead ball period and know how to correct any timing errors…especially at the end of half and game!

  • Observe substitutions

  • Count offense or defense (Once? Twice?)

  • Move to proper position for snap (based upon formation?)

  • Know & think down &distance

  • Recognize formations and strengths of formations

  • Know team tendencies

  • Identify where the best players are in the formation

  • Look for mismatches

  • You are ready for the snap!!

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