Weekly Bull 9/11/13


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THE WEEKLY BULL – Sept. 11, 2013


  1. Attendance

  2. Review of Weekly Bulletin

  3. Video Study Session

  4. Rules Exam


  1. Reminder – Everyone is to wear the 1” striped shirt on Thursdays UNLESS the referee makes arrangements for everyone to wear the new shirt. In the end, it is the referee’s responsibility to make sure all are properly outfitted, so referee’s work with your crews…even on Thursdays.

  1. Everyone is invited to attend the annual Hall of Champions Induction Ceremony for Bob Bahne on September 24th.  Tickets are available at the Hall of Champions at 619) 234-2544.  We need to continue to honor the contributions of our officials to the game of football, and Bob Bahne was/is one of the best!

  1. Some of our folks are smoking on campus and parking in lanes that are not parking spots. We are guests at West Hills and want to stay here as we get to use this facility for free! Please respect the rules (parking and no smoking) and leave the classrooms clean!!  Thank you!

Food For Thought

We have an extensive video study session this week.  Please note that there are some issues of BBW by defense and some fouls away from the point of attack.  Let’s learn from these plays and dedicate ourselves to concentrating on these safety issues on every single play!

Sun is in receiver’s eyes so he raises hand to shield his eyes but the action looks like a fair catch signal. If this happens, and in your judgment it is enough to confuse the kickers, blow it dead after the catch is made.  I would not penalize the receiver if he continued to run after you blew it dead because the receiver has no idea why you are blowing your whistle.

On a punt, the kicking team interferes with the receiver’s opportunity to make a fair catch.  The receivers are awarded a fair catch plus the 15 yard penalty enforced from the spot of the foul.  Receivers choose to put the ball in play using a free kick attempting to score 3 points. The kick is short and goes untouched OB.  Ruling:  This is a free kick and we penalize and provide the same options we do when a kick off goes out of bounds untouched by the receivers.

The rules are still very clear about tinted face shields. Even with a doctor's note, they are not allowed.

Swinging gate and the center is on the end of the line of scrimmage and wearing #44.  This player is eligible by number and by formation.  It is inconsequential that he is snapping the ball.

On PATs and Field Goals, the two guards may overlap their feet with the center.  The two guards may not overlap with the tackles.  The tackles may not overlap with the tight ends. Two teams were caught doing this last week.

Who thinks this stuff up? - A coach asked about the play run by a college team last week. In his play, he wants to snap the ball directly to an up-back while in punt formation. After receiving the snap the up-back places the ball on the ground as if to snap it backwards, but instead picks the ball up and runs. Ruling – Legal Play

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