Weekly Bull 9/17/13

Half Time – Please remember half time is 15 minutes plus 3 minute warm up.  Do not shorten!  This is the rule and if you shorten and injury happens, you have no defense if they can prove that the injury is attributable to a shortened half time!  JV and frosh games the teams stay on the field so it is appropriate to start the half time 15 minute clock immediately.

Game Ball – Reminder that game balls must be properly inflated 12.5-13.5 PSI.  Official’s judgment is final unless there is a pressure gauge available.  We do not carry them so the school would have to provide one.  This is not a problem until we “feel a ball” that is grossly under inflated.  The ball must also have a “pebble grain” – not smooth.   

Still Pictures – These are legal as the CIF rule does not have any restriction on the use of still photos.  Jerry Schniepp confirmed this before the season started.  Legal to take cell phone photos, IPad photos, camera photos, any electronic communication device other than the use of video during the contest or at halftime. Yes, you can take cell phone and text.

Faking Injuries – I’ve received three reports of coaches directing players to drop on the field for some reason.  The result is that the player is indicating that they are injured, causing the officials to use an official’s time out.  Problem is that the officials are observing the coaches in these three instances directing the player to “drop”. 

Reminder – a coach or player can point out an injury to the official at any time thus giving the official notice that a player is in need of assistance.  Team can receive water from managers but may not be communicated with by coaches.  We now must strictly enforce this rule.  No contact with their team.  In fact, you may have to move the team away from the sideline and/or the injured player per NFHS rule book.  Now I know why this was a point of emphasis in last year’s rule book.

Please consider the following if you are certain of this illegal act:

  1. A charged time out to the team “faking the injury”. Least punishment warranted.

  2. A delay of game. This is also called for if they are out of timeouts.

  3. Unsportsmanlike – if they are “hindering play by an unfair act which has no specific rule coverage (last resort).

Helmet Contact – So far we’re doing a good job of keeping these “spearing acts” out of football.  Initiating contact against any opponent with the top of his helmet is Spearing.  This means defense and offense.

So far the season has been amazing.  Great early season match ups and very competitive games.  Everyone must continue to focus on each and every play.  These are huge games that mean so much to the teams.  Let’s give them our absolute best! - Steve

Bull 9 17 13
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