Weekly Bull 9/4/13


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THE WEEKLY BULL – Sept. 4, 2013 

This Week’s Meetings – All 1st and 2nd year officials will meet as usual in their regular rooms at West Hills.  The final Bonus Meeting will be for current referees and aspiring referees.  Chris Wiggins will conduct 30 minute mechanics session followed by approx. one hour of rules enforcement with Coover.  Please meet at the field (although we will not be using the field as West Hills holds its practice at this time.  But let’s meet at the field. 

CIF Championship Schedule – New playoff schedule – We’re back at the Q!

1st Round November 15

2nd Round November 22 (Semifinals for Division V)

Semifinals (Open Division, Division I and Division II) – Wednesday, November 27th

Semifinals (Divisions III, and IV) – Friday, November 29th

Finals (Division V) – Saturday, November 30th at Mesa College

Finals (Open Division, Division I and Division II) – Monday, December 2 at Qualcomm Stadium

Finals (Divisions III and IV) – Saturday, December 7th at Mesa College 

Ejections - There were no week one football ejections reported! 

Question on Fair Catch Signals – Punt returner signals for a Fair Catch but a teammate actually catches the ball.  Ruling – the ball will be blown dead whenever a fair catch signal is given by any receiver.  Only the receiver who signaled is afforded protection, not the player who made the catch (although the play will be blown dead immediately…as I said). This play does not qualify as a fair catch and the coach may not request a free kick in order to score a field goal. Only the player who signals for a “fair catch” can make a “fair catch”. 

Incomplete Pass -   QB drops back to pass into his own end zone, is hit and fumbles. Offensive lineman picks it up starts to run then pitches the ball forward over his shoulder as he’s getting tackled. The ball hits the ground and once the pile is uncovered, the defense has recovered the ball. Ruling – Incomplete pass but an illegal forward pass as there was no eligible receiver in the area of the “throw”.  Enforcement spot is from the end of the run (offensive lineman) which is in the end zone which results in a safety.  Whew…..

Equipment Issues  - Eye shields must be clear no tint.  No adornment which usually boils down to wrist bands or bands worn at the bicep or calf.  Jerseys must cover all pads (shoulder and back pads).  Knee pads must cover knees.  Play cards must be on wrist (not on belt).

Up Tempo Chain Crew – Up tempo teams need to have up tempo chain crews if you want the ball to be declared ready for play.  Referees must make sure all officials and the chain crew are ready before blowing the ready-for-play whistle.

Sidelines – Let’s keep working on this safety issue.  Coaches must be out of the restricted area at the snap and players behind the coaches.  It is the responsibility of coaches to keep the sideline clear during the play, not the responsibility of the official to avoid coaches. This is a work in progress. 
Mechanics Nightmare – TV game and on-off switch is controlled by producer…a potential disaster so beware.  In addition, one offense shuttled QBs one right handed and one left handed.

Hydration – Thank you to all of the trainers for assisting the athletes and officials during last week’s games.  Three officials actually suffered heat strokes and could not finish their game.

Common Sense for Penalty Enforcement – A 5 yard penalty on the offense makes it 1-15.  Next play there is an incomplete pass but defensive pass interference (not an automatic 1st down this year).   Do not measure.  First and 10 for the offense.

Ball Remains Live – When trying for a PAT or Field Goal, the holder can keep his knee on the ground and recover a bad snap while his knee is on the ground and place the ball on the tee for the kick.  The holder may also rise to catch a high or bad snap and return immediately to the ground for the hold and ball remains live.  The holder may not muff or fumble the snap and recovers after his knees have been off the ground and then return to the ground for a hold.  This play will be blown dead by rule.  Holder is down.  Kick does not happen as the ball is dead as soon as the holder goes back down in this one scenario.

Game Fees

Varsity Referee - $74

Varsity all others - $72

JV Referee - $62

JV all others - $61

Frosh – all officials - $61 

Lightening - Proactive Planning – From the NFHS Rule Book

  1. Assign staff to monitor local weather conditions before and during events.

  2. Develop an evacuation plan, including identification of appropriate nearby shelters

  3. Develop Criteria for suspension and resumption of play:

    1. When thunder is heard, or a cloud-to-ground lightning strike is seen, the thunderstorm is close enough to strike your location with lightning.  Suspend play and take shelter immediately.

    2. Thirty minute rule.  Once play has been suspended, wait at least 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard or flash of lightning is witnessed prior to resuming play.

    3. Any subsequent thunder or lightning after the beginning of the 30 minute count, reset the clock and another 30 minute count should begin.

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