Weekly Bull 10/25/00


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  1. Attendance/ Roll Books / CAVs

  2. Announcements

  3. Food For Thought

  4. 25 Yard line Overtime Procedure

  5. All Exam "Make-Ups" — Wednesday November 1 at 6:30 p.m. Room 250

  6. Adjourn 8:30

 Crew Chiefs & Instructors:

  1. Sibbet & Assignments

  2. Review of Tonight's Agenda


  1. Due to conflicts with the Regular instructional program agendas, all Exam "Make-Ups" will be administered by Coover and Ferguson on Wednesday November 1 at 6:30 p.m. Room 250. If you scored below 80% or were absent on the night the exam was given, you must make up the exam to be eligible for games next year. This applies to both the rules and the mechanics exams. If you have a serious scheduling conflict and can't attend that evening please see Coover Tonight! and he will handle it.

2    Have you made your 8 meetings? If not, the November 1 meeting will count as an instructional meeting (if you're one short). If you are short at the end of the season you will not have met the eligibility requirements for next year. If you are short you need to explain in a letter to the board. Send the letter to Nathan Weiss.

  1. Banquet Reminder — Tonight's the last chance unless you're planning on mailing in your $15 to

Robin. It goes up at the door!!

  1. Ratings Forms —Be ready to turn your completed form into Mr. Inskeep at the banquet! Remember, crew chiefs, you are responsible for getting your crew to complete their forms and turn them in! The penalty for the official not completing the form is no playoff games next year! Don't let this happen to anyone!!!!

  2. Reminder: This year's CIF playoff dates: 1st round Fri Nov 17th, Quarterfinals Fri & at Nov 24th &

25th, Semi-Finals Fri & Sat Dec 1st & 2nd, Div IV Finals Fri Dec. 8th, and Div 1-111 Finals Sat Dec 9th. It is required that all crewmembers must indicate to me, preferably in writing, any of the above dates that they are unavailable. This unavailability should include both afternoons and evenings. If the crewmembers indicated that they are unavailable on one of the above dates on their original registration forms, they should restate the same. The first year class instructors should also ask their class regarding availability for the semi-finals and final dates for chain-crew assignments.

  1. Thanks for keeping the school clean when we leave. We like this location and want to stay here for many years. We've let Adult Education and the principal of Scripps know this!

 Food For Thought:

  1. It is a dead ball penalty for false start if a player who is in a set position moves forward simulating action at the snap prior to the ball being snapped.

  2. A period must be extended for an untimed down if during the last timed down of the period a foul, other than unsportsmanlike or non-player, occurs and the penalty is accepted. If an illegal motion penalty occurs just before the end of the first period (live ball foul), and the period ends before another down can be started, the period must be extended.

  3. Roughing the kicker holder during a successful kick try. Ruling: Option to accept the penalty and replay the down, or accept the penalty on the succeeding free kick.

  4. Common Sense. If a player or coach does something really stupid (ie. Illegal block away from the play during a scoring play) officials should not vocalize that this is "stupid". Even though we have identified true stupidity, we should not vocalize it to any players or coaches.

  5. What do you say to the coach when you and the coach know you are wrong? Do you admit it? Ignore the coach? Talk around it? Explain why it happened? Suggestions:

  • Admit it. It won't change things, but you are man enough to admit it.

  • Explain what you saw and admit that what you saw may be different from what the coach saw. Admit that if the coach saw it correctly, then you would be wrong.

  • "I missed it." "My responsibility, and I guess I missed it."

  • 'How can all 5 of you miss that?" Answer: "I don't know coach."

  • "How could you miss that? It's right in front of you!" Answer: "I don't know coach." "I'm looking for it now!"

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