Weekly Bull 9/13/00


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  1. Attendance/ Roll Books/ CAV’s

  2. Registration Fall Semester (make ups)

  3. Announcements

  4. Food for Thought

  5. Mechanics Presentations

Session I: 7:20 – 7:55

Session II: 8:00 – 8:35

Referee – Room 250 – Mike Weseloh

Umpire – Room 251 – Dan Inskeep

Head Linesman – Room 252 – Tony Romero

Line Judge – Room 253 – Harvey Sniegowski

Back Judge – Room 254 – Ed Zapolski

  1. Adjourn 8:35


  1. Banquet reminder – See Mike Pfeiffer before each meeting or Robin House after each meeting and pay your $15 now. It goes up at the door and there are only three more meetings!! You can even mail your check to Robin…

  2. The Grossmont League freshman coaches will be using the 5th quarter for those who didn’t play during the game. Officials are to stay and work the 5th quarter and will be paid an additional $9.00.

  3. Where are we going after the game? Check the handout tonight that lists all of the crews & sites.

  4. Remember…next meeting is a meeting where assignments are handed out. Be there or have someone pick up your assignments! Otherwise, Sibbet may give your assignments away!

Food for Thought: Commonly missed questions from the Rules Exam:

  1. Charged timeouts in front of the team box are within 5 yards of the sideline.

  2. Joint possession of a live ball by opposing players while only one is inbounds – Ruling: No catch.

  3. Interception by B, subsequent fumble by B recovered by A. Ruling: 1st down A, start clock on ready.

  4. Any accepted dead ball foul after the last down of either half. Ruling: Penalize from succeeding spot.

  5. Scrimmage kick first touched by K, at rest beyond the neutral zone, no touching by R. Ruling: ball is dead.

  6. Place-kick holder fumbles snap and rises to recover, then touches his knee to the ground. Ruling: Down.

  7. R1 signals fair catch and R2 catches. Ruling: No fair catch but blow dead. R2 not protected.

  8. B1 trips runner A1. Ruling: Legal

  9. Roughing the passer is penalized from the previous spot or tacked on to the end of the run if completed.

  10. Only free kick out of bounds untouched by R is a penalty.

Crew Chiefs & Instructors:

  1. Sibbet & Assignments

  2. Review of Tonight’s Agenda (see above)

  3. Attendance – The following were absent 8/30:

Robbins – S. Angel, Oberle, Tate

Weseloh – Galizio, Shetula, Ward (gone since 7/26)

Van Zant – Ferguson, Pogorelc, Villalpando

Inskeep – Simmons, Yosick

  1. Registration information – We’re doing this a week early so we maximize class time next week when we do our 5-man mechanics review, Semester = Fall, CRN = 5162G, Date Entered = 9/13, Total Attendance Hours = 02.5, Sports Officiating; Days = Wednesday, Times = 6:30-9:00, Location = Scripps Ranch. Instructors, please check info on front and back, and sign. Thank you!

Bull 9 13 00
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