Weekly Bull 9/27/00


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  1. Attendance/ Roll Books/ CAV’s

  2. Registration Fall Semester (Do we have them all?)

  3. Announcements

  4. Food for Thought

  5. Primary Elections

  6. Mechanics Exam

  7. Rules Makeup

  8. Adjourn 8:30


  1. Banquet reminder – See Mike Pfeiffer before each meeting or Robin House after each meeting and pay your $15 now. It goes up at the door and there are only three more meetings!! You can even mail your check to Robin…

  2. Freshman games using the 5th quarter (Grossmont League) don’t forget to include the additional $9.00 to your few…total fee is $45.00

  3. Each year the Association advertises openings for the position of Assignment Secretary, Instructional Chair, Executive Secretary and Treasurer. These are one-year assignments, and all current officers of the board must reapply on an annual basis. The board makes its decision on who fills these positions at its first board meeting in February. If you are interested in being considered for one of these positions you must submit your name in a letter to Korry Belmontez by February 2001 Board meeting.

Food for Thought:

  1. When do we blow the whistle on an extra point? Ruling: After the ball has crossed through the uprights or it is clear that the try is no good. This is the legal ruling and will also cut down n inadvertent whistles on field goal attempts.

  2. 4-man mechanics – Quarterback rollout hard to flank, two receivers are running routes in you side zone, what are your mechanics? Ruling: Get your eyes off the quarterback as much as possible. Watch for holding, interference, move downfield if the receivers are intermediate or deeper. Give up the quarterback to the referee and be ready to sprint deep.

  3. Coach tells the crew they have a tackle eligible. We say no problem as long as there are 5 players on the line numbered 50-79 and the “tackle” is wearing the number of an eligible receiver and he is the last player on the line. Coach responds that the previous week’s crew said this was not a problem for other than scrimmage kick formations as long as the player with the numbering exception “reported” to the referee prior to the start of the down. First series: 4 players numbered 50-79 and a “tackle” wearing number 91. He did not “report”, and it took the crew three plays to notice and flag the infraction. Number 91 switched to a legal number. Is the coach telling stories?

  4. There was confusion in the classroom two weeks ago abut the restrictions and exemptions on the place kick holder. The “Bull” referenced the restrictions on the holder if he fumbled the ball. These same restrictions apply if he muffs snap. The muffing of the snap was the source of the confusion. (4-2-2a Exception Note)

  5. Were we wrong? Roughing the passer for runs that end behind the line are enforced from the previous spot. Only runs that end beyond the neutral zone are enforced from the end of the last run. (10-5-7). – D’Angelo

  6. Others….

Crew Chiefs & Instructors:

  1. Sibbet & Assignments

  2. Review of Tonight’s Agenda (see above)

  3. Attendance – The following were absent 8/30:

Robbins – Belmontez, Aguilar, Blick, Dedrick, Oberle, Regalado, K. Smith, Wattner (Drop?)

Weseloh – Galizio, Richardson, Shetula, Day

Van Zant – Ferguson, Villalpando, Coniglio, Mayabb, P. McDonald, McFadden

Inskeep – Hood, Petrelli, Aller, Bailey, Bjornsdstadt, Bronk, Bryant, Cima, Fulcher, House, Mannen, Nuckols, Payne….what the heck is going on????

Bull 9 27 00
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