Weekly Bull 10/25/06


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The Weekly Bull – 10/25/06


  1. Attendance

  2. Final Board Elections

  3. Announcements

  4. Food For Thought

  5. 7-Man Mechanics – Review

  6. Mechanics Test & Rules Test (Make Up In Room E10)

  7. Adjourn 8:30


  1. Important reminders…don’t leave anything valuable or important in the dressing rooms.

  2. Friday afternoon traffic isn’t getting any better so leave 15 minutes earlier.

  3. The Youth Fund is now accepting "Game Check" weekend donations. See Jake tonight, mail to him or at the banquet on the 15th.

  4. Results of tonight’s board election will be announced at the banquet.

  5. Remember to pay your dues NEXT YEAR using the website – sdcfoa.org by downloading all forms, completing them and sending them in with your check. You can start checking the website in March.  We will be emailing a reminder notice in March. You won’t be drafted if you haven’t paid by the draft!  No exceptions! No kidding!

Food For Thought:

  1. Throwing flags: When you throw the flag at the direction of the player/foul and it is not a spot foul, it can appear that you are angry with the player that fouled. All flags that are not spot flags should be launched high into the air, straight up.  This also prevents hitting players with the flag (and the attached weight).

  2. Progress stopped. When in doubt, you should shut down a play in which the progress of the ball carrier (ball) has been stopped.  Second efforts are afforded in some cases when a player doubles back, but in MOST instances, the official is better off saying progress is stopped.  And you do have an instant to consider the second effort while maintaining the progress spot.

  3. Ditto for stripping the ball. When in doubt, the progress was stopped prior to the strip.  It must be a clean strip if progress has slowed/stopped.  Any struggle with the ball will be deemed progress stopped.  This is not to confuse a situation where the ball carrier is steadily moving forward and the defense causes the ball to come out…. This is a fumble.

  4. When to sell your call? – At the goal line! At the first down marker!  At the sideline!  How do you sell it? Close in, quickly, on the spot. Hold your signal. Repeat your signal.  Hold your posture.  The referee should then reinforce the call with a strong, deliberate signal to the press box.  Look good, be decisive, signal strong.

  5. Now that I’ve said that….. what if an official comes in and says, “can we talk about that?” Sounds like a good time to talk and consider what other officials saw.  Don’t be obstinate/stubborn, just describe what you saw, and listen to what others saw.  Go with the consensus!


  1. All game rules apply except:

  2. Have timer put three minutes on game clock officials will go to 50-yard line to prepare for overtime procedure flip coin at one minute on game clock.

  3. Both teams will get ONE extra time-out per overtime period, plus anytime-outs they have not used up during regular game.

  4. The visiting team will call the coin toss. Whichever team wins toss has the following choices: Offense, Defense or Which end of the field they wish to defend. If additional overtime periods are needed, teams will alternate options.

  5. Ball may be put anywhere between inbound markers — make sure you afford team “B” the same options. Also, each extra overtime period if applicable.

  6. Use down markers for possible downs — no stadium time clock.

  7. If Team A scores a touchdown, they can try for 1 or 2 points. It will then be Team B’s opportunity to score from the same 25 yard line. If Team A is successful at a field goal try, Team B will start their series. If Team B scores a touch down game is over — no try for extra point.

  8. During Team A’s try, if Team B intercepts or recovers a fumble, we as officials will kill the play immediately. To clarify: The defense cannot advance the ball for a touchdown. The down for series for either team ends immediately if there is a change of possession.

  9. Series is ended if A scores or B is in possession of ball at end of a play.

  10. New series: If ball is outside 10 yard line after penalty — set down markers for possible l~ down.

  11. A) If defense pass interference is accepted.

  12. B) Offensive team recovers field goal kick after defense touches beyond neutral zone.

  13. C) When defense is guilty of roughing the kicker, place kicker holder or passer.

  14. Field goal is permitted during any down — ball is alive until down is over.

  15. After a series by A, B shall have the ball anywhere between in-bounds line, same end of filed on the 25 yard line.

  16. If score is tied — Two minutes intermission and procedure is repeated. Loser of first coin toss will be give options. Both teams will get another time out.

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