Weekly Bull 8/16/06


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The Weekly Bull – 8/16/06


  1. Attendance

  2. Announcements

  3. Food For Thought

  4. Finish Federation Qualification Exam Part I (Review Rules 6-10)

  5. Adjourn 8:30


  1. Tie Breakers – Grossmont will use them in all conference games and wants to use them with non-conference games. South Bay will also use them in conference – Rule of thumb: Be prepared to work them on all occasions BUT the coaches will have the last say on if we use it or not.

  2. The word from the Grossmont Conference is that they will continue to have a 5th quarter the same as before. Check with coaches before the game to determine if they will have one. Timing is 20 minute running clock. Start on the 20.  No kicking game…same as a scrimmage 3 downs to make a first (4 downs inside the opponents 40).  Coaches on the field if they want. Fee is an additional $12.

  3. Federation Qualification Exam Quiz – Next meeting - August 30th - Good luck!

  4. New Contract – $2.00 increases at all levels ($1.00 is for travel as the extra $2.00 we had for travel is now part of the regular fee. And $1.00 is an actual raise.)  This is a one-year contract that puts us ahead of the Southern Section Fees.  Congratulations you deserve it for being the professionals you are!!  The new fees are listed on your game assignments.  Please fill out your vouchers with the proper amounts.

  5. Please comply and fill out any necessary IRS forms provided by the schools.

  6. Unfortunately one of our officials rushed to get to class on 8-2-2006 and left his newly purchased shoes behind on the table. Have you seen a size 11 laying around? - Michael Curl – 1st year class

  7. Remember….. we are guests at the schools. Best manners!! No smoking!  They are asked to provide us with adequate dressing facilities.  Please leave them neat and clean!  If there is a problem with facilities call Coover!

Food For Thought:

  1. Goal line – work in advance of the ball. We have done a good job with this mechanic at the goal line.  It is also very effective in the field of play for the covering official to be at the line-to-gain in advance of the ball on key short yardage situations.  Hustle in if it’s close!  Stay way wide if the play is going toward the pylon….3-4 yards out-of-bounds!

  2. Remember, we get paid is a fair stipend for the services that we perform. All schools pay the same amount (8-man through Division 1). Good teams and bad teams.  Put forth the effort that all teams and players deserve.

  3. Blocks in back, clipping, blocks below waist….see the whole play before - during - and after. If not, don’t make the call.  You missed it.  Admit it and go on.  You’re much better off with a missed or no call than a guess at what turns out to be a marginal call.

Bull 8 16 06
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