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The Weekly Bull – 9/13/06


  1. Attendance/Announcements/Food For Thought: 7:00 – 7:35
  2. Mechanics Presentations 7:45 – 8:30

          Referee – Chris Wiggins (room E10)

          Umpire – Ali Shetula (room E9)

          Head linesman/Line Judge – Mike Duggan & Clay Reynard (TBD)

          Back judge – Jason Floquet (E3)

  1. Adjourn 8:30



  1. From the Executive Secretary to the membership - any certified official not wanting to appear on the election ballot should let Dick Brockett know.
  2. Anyone who needs to be excused from the attendance or test requirement must make a written application to the board via the Executive Secretary no later than the February board meeting.


Food For Thought:

  1. Be alert for hard shifts on 3rd/4th down and short. Also, who has the QB head-bob?
  2. Ejections – reminder - be slow to eject, process with your referee before you announce your decision, referees talk with your flanks or your umpire to slow yourself down. Don’t be emotional and remember the 15 yard penalty, by itself, is a big one!  Report all ejections (Freshman, JV or Varsity) to Jim Sibbet by phone or email by Monday morning.  Please provide the schools, level of the game, number of the ejected, and reason for ejection.  Thanks!!
  3. Play: The ttight end will start off in an unbalanced look where he is covered up by the split end. After the QB yells shift, the tight end shifts to the other side of the line where he is now a legal receiver.  Is this legal?  Ruling: It depends on if the tight end (tackle) has placed his hand on or near the ground after the ball has been ruled ready for play.
  4. New gloves. Have you seen the new gloves with the tacky surface?  Ruling legal.  Most of them are produced by Nike or Under Armor and they have the required NFHS/NCAA label on the box and on a label deep inside the body of the glove.
  5. 4-man punt mechanic – What does the umpire do? The umpire no longer has the sideline. Stay in the middle and rotate following the kick and cover the kick action from the back side and inside-out.
  6. 4-man mechanics has the referee on the side of the QB’s throwing hand just like 5-man. Is this correct?


  1. Hawthorne
  2. Herrera
  3. Covington
  4. Evans
  5. Harvey
  6. Nealy
  7. Ricks
  8. San Nicolas
  9. Terry
  10. Gillenberg
  11. Harmon
  12. Poorelc
  13. Trimble
  14. Wright
  15. Leon
  16. Murphy
  17. Schmidt
  18. Gaines
  19. Mendez
  20. Molinary
  21. Moore
  22. Parga
  23. Perrecone
  24. Battle
  25. Cianci
  26. Crawley
  27. Freeman
  28. Kozina
  29. Miles
  30. Sibbet, Jim
  31. Angel
  32. Brown, Bryan
  33. Davis
  34. Desantis
  35. Duarte
  36. Henry
  37. Segobia
  38. Williams, Michael
  39. Tennison
  40. Jones, Sylvania
  41. Mason


  1. Becker
  2. Terry
  3. DeSantis
  4. Harvey
  5. Brown, Bryan
  6. Donovan
  7. Hamsayeh
  8. Isham, Jeff
  9. Phillips, Joshua
  10. Cianci
  11. McIntyre
  12. Pittman
  13. Sabbs
  14. Sibbet, Jim
  15. Baily
  16. Mendez
  17. Moore
  18. Molinary
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