San Diego County Football Officials Association Memo

To:        Crew Chiefs, Head Coaches, and Athletic Directors

CC:       SDCFOA Instructors & Staff

From:    Steve Coover, Instructional Chair SDCFOA

Date:    10/13/11         

Re:       Weekly Bulletin #7


A critical part of our accountability is our internal rating system.  Each official is rated by their fellow officials after each game (1st and 2nd year officials do not rate other officials).  Next year, when we draft officials, each crew chief is prohibited from re-drafting any member from their 2011 crew.  All eligible officials are placed on the draft board in order of the ratings.  Crew Chiefs also speak honestly about the performance of the previous year’s crew and its individuals.  The Association has long felt that this accountability makes for the strongest crews and keeps our eyes open for the newer, talented official.  By the way, crew chiefs, it’s time to make sure your crew gets their rating completed.


Overtime Procedure

Attached is the NCAA Overtime Procedure for your reference.  It is up to the schools to inform the officials that an overtime procedure is going to be used.  This is usually done when playoff seeding is an issue.  Our officials are to contact both head coaches and ask if overtime is required BEFORE leaving the field.


Hudl and Our Instructional Program

Many, many thanks to the coaches who have submitted video via Hudl.  It continues to be a significant part of every weekly meeting.  We continue to receive cut ups and games weekly for our use and for our review.  Thank you!


Judgement Calls

By the way, we will always have judgment as an issue and there will never be total agreement regarding our separate judgments.  As for the SDCFOA we continue to work hard to shape our collective judgments so that we can improve our consistency.  We are not satisfied with our performance to this point in the season, and will never be satisfied with our consistency….but we will never stop working our hardest to improve each and every day, play, game and season!


CA State Championships

Congratulations, again, SDCFOA.  The State CIF has selected four officials from San Diego to work the CA State Championship games.  We can’t release the names at this point but we are proud that we are again noticed as one of the best in the State.



Reminder…..unsportsmanlike penalties on coaches are independently charged to the coach who commits the foul.  They are not all charged against the head coach causing a coach to be ejected for two unsportsmanlike penalties when one of them was on another assistant coach.  Both penalties are enforced separately and in the order of their occurance, but no ejection would be warranted. Also, a statistician who is consistently out-of-the box would not be considered a part of the team box personnel thus would not be subject to the rules of the game (even if he/she acted in an unsportsmanlike manner).  In that case, the stats person would be removed from the sidelines by the home/visitor school administration…but no penalty can be assessed.


Basic Spot for Fouls During the Dead ball Period Between a TD and the PAT

If after a TD is scored, and prior to the ready-for-play signal for the try, either team commits any foul for which the enforcement spot is the succeeding spot (like unsportsmanlike or dead ball personal foul), the offended team may accept the penalty and choose enforcement of the penalty on the try or on the kick off.

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